Sustain pedal and reason 11 latch issues

Firstly, let me say this. This program is fantastic ! Have been converting all of my collection of combinators from reason 11 into GP patches for my live rig. What a life saver. All of the live midi function that reason lacks is here !!! amazing !
So…regarding Issue that has bitten me hard.
I upgraded to latest 3.8.1 ( at the time ). I was on version 3.8.0 before this.
Since i upgraded to this , it has downgraded my confidence slightly.

The sustain pedal should NOT be a momantary press on to latch on sustain, and then another press to unlatch it ??
Only when you hold the sustain in this should sustain !!
This has suddenly made all of my patches via Gig performer unusable.
Yes, i am a real keyboardist that plays ( 2 keyboards midied )
This was not happening before the upgrade. Can someone help me !
NO, it is not a tick box enable latch etc…
NO, it is not a faulty sustain switch.
NO it is not a faulty midi keyboard…etc
it does not matter which midi / usb keybaord i use now ! same problem

I dont understand why this is doing this now.
please please please help!!

What does the global midi monitor window show when you press and release your sustain pedal?
Is this happening in all rackspaces?

The changes between 3.8 and 3.81 where to address a couple of very obscure issues and should not have impacted anything you describe. Must be something else going on

Please answer the quesiton of @pianopaul and post the simpler possible gigfile, it shouldn’t be a big deal to solve this issue.

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In the global monitor, the correct data is displayed.
cc64 is as it should be displayed.
i created also a LED widget and midi learnt the sustain to see if it also latches on ,
but this shows correctly . It seems when it reaches the VST reason it has altered the sustain info

maybe the difference between versions is insignificant,
but i still have this problem either way.

Add a GP MIDI Monitor before the Reason VST (see in MIDI processors categorie) and compare the output of the global monitor with this one. Please post a screenshot. And a gigfile would also be appreciated to help you…

Well, worst case you can revert back to 3.8 until this issue is resolved. But we are all here to helo

Are you using VST2 or VST3? The 3.81 update addresses an obscure issue with VST3

I am using Reason VST3 instruments only, in all rack layouts.

Are you on Mac or Windows? I just ran GP3.81 on my Mac, loaded Radical Piano and sustain pedal works just fine here (Fortunately, I have Reason Rack myself)
There was an update for Reason Rack which I did install first so I’m running 11.3.7

I have good news. I rolled back to version 3.8.0 and my sustain is back to normal .
Phew !! Luckily I had a back up set up for that version as could not download it online.
So it is in the new version the issue.

I repeat my previous question. Are you on Mac or on Windows? I cannot reproduce the problem on my Mac with 3.81

oh . I sent my screen shot ! Cant see it !

Windows 10, latest reason version.

As you can see in previous screen grab, ( when i had GP 3.8.1 installed ) the sustain data is the same . It seems to be showing the right data in the monitor windows, relative to my foot action. Although by the time it reaches reason, it does not seem to respond well to the sustain data.
No issue with GP 3.8.0 running through all of my patches as I type this.

Are you using VST3 or VST2?

He uses VST3

Could you actually provide the version number? Sometimes people think they’re running the latest version when they’re actually not.

That’s a good point and we actually just added earlier releases for downloading.