Stylus RMX Questions

I am trying to build a Rackspace to work with Stylus RMX:

… but I am having trouble resolving some things:

  1. I can set an instrument name to the plugin_name using
    “SetWidgetLabel(InstName_1, GetPluginCaption(StylusRMX))” but I don’t know how to get to the individual instrument names to display them in the Rackspace respectively?

  1. I can’t see how to pick up the audio meters and display them on my Rackspace

  1. Sometimes I activate the Rackspace and Stylus RMX starts playing automatically. How can I stop this from happening? How can I make this happen?

Stylus RMX Questions.gig (1.5 MB)

That will not work, as this is only the caption you give in Gig Performer for the plugin Block
How looks the parameter list Styles provides to Gig Performer?

Are you saying: “You cannot reference Stylus’s track names directly” … even with Host automation?

That I did not say.
Regarding automatic start, do you know this?

When you right click on the Stylus track name, is there a popup for enabling Host Automation?

No magic here. It is up to the plugin to expose those names via host automation. If the plugin doesn’t expose them, then we can’t see them (neither can any other host)

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Nope! … but I figured out the “Host Sync” and was using that.

I just read the doc but can’t see where they offer a parameter for the track instrument name:


… and I noticed these “Spec nn” parameters but don’t know how to use them. Probably something to do with Host Automation.

Yep, I have been using Host automation. Unfortunately, I have tried clicking on the meters and there seems to be no Host Automation for them as they are most likely Read Only.

Yes when you enable HOST Automation by right clicking on a GUI element in Stylus RMX these get name.
What happens when you right click on a Track Name in Stylus RMX?

Regarding the levels:
Make Multi Out in Stylus, then you can use an inbuilt gain plugin in Gig Performer and can show the level in the panel.

As I have Stylus too, I can use your gig and change that.

Stylus simply opens the browser page showing where the track instrument came from.

That solution sounds like a perfect fix for my meter problem … however, how do I “Make Multi Out in Stylus”?

OK, so no HOST Automation

And in Gig Performer right click on Stylus RMX and take a look at “Bus Layout” and “Max Audio Channels”

PERFECT! Works great. Thanks :slight_smile:

Every single parameter in the mapping list is about Host Automation.

Usually when you see a large number of similarly named items, it’s usually because they can be associated with some particular properly of the plugin and don’t have predefined values. Kontakt works like that as well.

Yep. I use Kontakt’s Host Automation a lot. I have mapped about 64 of them in one of my rackspaces LOL!

Unfiltered Audio Byome and Triad have the same approach. There they are called ‘macro’

I will provide a new gig file for Stylus that works as we talked about in about an hour. I hope people can use it.

BTW, how do you delete a part in Stylus or delete a patch in a multi in Omnisphe?