Studiologic Numa Keyboard Extension?

Hi all! I was curious, has anyone created an extension for the Studiologic Numa keyboards yet?


Not yet (as far as I know), but maybe you can write to their support to consider creating one! :slight_smile:

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

- Hello Mr. Support, you’ve got bugs and inconsistencies in your Numa Organ, could you consider fixing them?
- Well, no, most users are happy with that!

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Do not get me started on Studiologic support.

I have two SL88s and both exhibit the following problem. When you connect one to a USB hub and you power up the laptop, the Note On and Note Off messages are reversed, i.e, when you press a key, you get a NoteOff and when you release it you get a NoteOn. That means that if you forget to powercycle the SL88 and just start playing, you get lots of stuck notes.

When I reported this to StudioLogic, their response was that it was a bug in my USB hub!
I asked them to explain how a bug in a USB hub could cause the status byte of a MIDI message (and only the status byte) to be swapped, and of course I never got a response.


Wow, that’s a high priority bug!

It doesn’t hurt beating up the support a bit! :innocent:

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OK, but most users are probably happy with that :rofl:


That’s a “feature”, not a bug! :rofl:

Well, if I had 88 fingers so I could hold all the keys down and just release the ones I need to hear, hst would be fine🤯

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It must be a setting for this growing trend

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Not to dump on SL… I have a SL73 and I love it (I haven’t tried connecting it through a hub but I expect it would have the same issues as the 88) but I used to own a NumaOrgan2 and it was frought wtih bugs… the worst was it would reset itself if I used it in midi-mode for too long.

I had all the main boards swapped out of it and it still didn’t fix the issue. It was unreliable for live use so I parted ways.

Look, there can be bugs in code, whether it’s standalone or in firmware.
What’s galling was their refusal to acknowledge he issue and make an absurd claim about why it was not working properly.

That’s the one I still own, if it happened when using the USB MIDI, I don’t, as almost everything is missing in the USB MIDI, I have to use the DIN5 MIDI instead. But, most users don’t need the USB MIDI they want to use DIN5 MIDI. :confused:

USB MIDI has a big advantage for many controllers, including the SL88. The controller can be bus powered so you only need one wire

As an SL88 user I’m curious, what specifically would you want the extension to do?

But the NumaOrgan2 is a different beast and the way it uses USB is a bit odd.

There’s no buss powering it over USB, it requires a lot more voltage… but further more, there are sysex messages that are not sent over DIN that are sent over USB… or is that vice versa?

I can’t remember all the details, I just know that the two interfaces do not fuction entirely in the same way on that keyboard.

I really like a lot about that keyboard but resetting itself was no bueno. Support did have me take it in to a qualified shop and have the boards replaced but clearly it’s a firmware issue and they wanted a lot of money to test it until it recreated the issue after the board swap didn’t fix it.

This is all a bit of a tangent from the OP’s question but I think it’s safe to say that no, no one has made a GP extention yet for the Numa line.

I do love my SL73. Lightweight, great action, nice stage piano size, etc… Nothing else like it in the market in a weighted action, stand alone midi controler with that note range.

I have an SL88 and looked at the Numa piano before settling on the SL88. From what I could gather there was no useful way to utilize the knobs for generic midi control or do anything with the display.

I find the Studiologic documentation generally lacking (which is unfortunately pretty common these days) making it difficult to make informed decisions before buying gear. With the SL88 there’s really nothing useful I can think to have an extension do. I haven’t used a Numa, but I got the impression it was the same situation.

Interesting, so far I’ve experienced no real issues with my Studiologic - whether using internal/external sounds, MIDI control or the audio interface. I currently have a NC2X which has 9 assignable faders/drawbars and can be used as an audio interface if wanted. I wasn’t sure if there was a way to tap into song or patch changes when in one of the MIDI zones on the keyboard. I’ve been also debating on checking out the Numa X GT eventually. I know it has 4 zones that can all be MIDI assignable, so I thought that could potentially be linked to patch/sound mapping.

On the NC2X I believe you can set the drawbars and maybe some of the other controls for MIDI output.

Unfortunately the documentation (that I’ve seen) is pretty limited, making it difficult to determine what can or can’t be done.

I’m sure it could, but I think anything you want to do with mapping zones to sounds could be done entirely within GigPerformer. Since I started using GP I haven’t found a good reason to use the zone features in my keyboards. My controllers are all MIDI channel one across the full range all the time, and any splits I want to do are in GP.

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Yes, the Numa Organ 2 has only an half implementation of the MIDI via USB MIDI. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

You don’t need an “Extension” to fully connect a Numa to Gig Performer. GP itself can handle any MIDI controller and remap any MIDI messages, by design. There are a few extensions to extend GP with specialty features, but you don’t need “extensions” for any MIDI controller.