Strange stuck notes behavior with Halion 6

I found some strange behavior with Halion 6.

I get reproducable heavy stuck notes issues (stuck notes every few seconds while two Hand Piano playing) when I create a rackspace that way:

  1. Create Halion instance with one of the large Pianos (“Loud and clear” for instance) on Midi Channel 1 and any Pad-sound on Channel 2.
  2. Create two Midi-Inputs for the same Controller (doesent matter if it´s omni or a dedicated one)
  3. On one of the Inputs map Midi Channel 1 to Midi Channel 2
  4. Connect both Midi-Inputs to Halion

Playing this layered Piano&Pad rackspace will have a lot of stuck Piano notes Ch1.
No stuck notes on Pad Ch2.

While trying to find the reason or solve that issue I found some strange reproducable behavior:

  • As soon as I Bypass Midi Input mapped to CH2, the stuck notes on CH1 are gone
  • As soon as I insert a Midi Monitor between Midi Input CH1 and Halion stuck notes are mostly gone (90% less)
  • When I Change the Midi-Channels in Halion (Piano-CH2, Pad-CH1) stuck notes are gone

The described behavior was reproducable on two different setups (different audioInterface, midiinterface, Controller keybord, Sustain pedal and PC).
And it´s not a Halion only issue because the same sounds in multimode Setup work without stuck notes in Forte.

So I think my workaround will be to use seperate instances of Halion for all sounds but it would be interesting for me if you guys have similar issues or can or can not reproduce that.

Can you see corresponging Note On and Note Off messages coming in?
What happens when you just use 1 Midi In Plugin?

Yes, I can see all the Note on and Note off Messages.
No issues when I use 1 Midi In Plugin, but I was used to control volumes independantly on seperate channels.

Ok, but why do you not use gain controls connected to your Halion separate outputs to control volume?

Can you strip down your gig and upload it, so I could doublecheck?

Yes, that´s what I will do most probably. It´s just because I was used to do it the other way in Forte.
Thanks for you valuable answers. (1.1 MB)

you can upload via the upload button when you edit a post.
7th from the left.

Thanks. Just loaded it up.

Cannot see it

Uploaded it on the post before:

Got it.

I do not see anything wrong.
When you use this setting, do you face hangs?

No hangs that way.
But I only hear Piano because my Controllers are only sending on Ch1.

So you didn´t experience any hangs?

OK next test.
Include 2 Midi In Plugins and and change the setting this way.

Sorry, I don´t see any difference to the Setting I sent you!?

Wrong picture.
What do you see in the 2 Midi Monitor windows when a hang occurs?

Besides the channel number exactly the same… but still have hanging notes on CH1

OK, which note hangs on which channel?
Do you detect as missing Note Off for that channel?

It´s random notes, but always on CH1 Piano.
I found the corresponding note off in the midi monitor.

So I suspect this is an issue with the Halion.
Which version are you using VST or AU ?

Using the latest VST3.
For sure it is Halion related as I didn´t experience something similar in Falcon, Sampletank 4 or Omnisphere.
But as I wrote earlier I also don´t experience this in Forte when Setting it up similar there. So it seems to be the combination of Halion and GP3.

I am just loading HALION 6 Demo and try to reproduce on Mac.