Stereo cross fader

I didn’t thought about this and as I don’t use crossfades myself I didn’t notice it, but thinking about it you are very right. With scripting we could compensate this quite easily Ithink. It could be your contribution to this topic? :wink:

Erik, how does anyone adjust the time from a short (3 sec) to a long (8 sec) cross fade? Is this the reason for the script?

The whole automatic (time based) movement of the fader is the reason for the script.
So without a script under the hood, everything has to be done manually.

No script for me as far as possible: I am not attracted by scripting at all!

But here is my contribution: in these 2 videos, you can hear the different crossfade effects using GP gains or Melda MRatio.
The GP one is a fade in/fade out effect.
The MRatio one is a morphing effect.

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The difference can be heard very clear.

Maybe an improvement for the gain control to support different pan options?

This would be an interesting option to avoid overloading the system with additional plug-ins when sophisticated functions are not required.
For example, simply having 2 curve parameters like these shown on the videos would be a plus.

OK, for the fun I put a X-fader script with this option on my growing personal list :grimacing:


I’d be keen to try it out:)

I finally got the the answer I was looking for from Melda. It appears that the cross fade can be set to a maximun of six seconds (6000 ms) from within MRatio. Its a bit hard to find though.

From Luke at Melda:
“Please, use the Multiparameter (M1 and M2 under Toolbar panel) and switch time (under Switch Mode).”


Good to know! Thanks for this hint! :+1:

Correct me, but it seems that this function is not available in the free version because it uses modulators…

Luke from Melda never mentioned the paid version and I haven’t actually tried it myself, so dont really know at this stage.

I tried it and it says to upgrade.
Indeed, automatism works through a modulator, and modulators are not available in the free version.

Here is the free GP version which goes up to 10s (or as much as you want if you modify the GPScript). I keeps power constant (you can test it with twice the same sound):

auto-crossfade_constant_power.gig (10.4 KB)



Do you think this is also possible manually? In live performance, I do crossfades back and forth by following the narrator’s rhythm (sometimes slow, sometimes rapid).

Yes it is, but I am very busy, these days, so warn me if I forget. :grimacing:

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Maybe I will forget it before you as I am pretty busy too… But it is good to know and to avoid using one more plugin.

Now it is possible, simply assign the red crossfade knob to a MIDI controller:

Now, with the new GP4 Scriptlet plugins you even don’t need to put your noze into the code :nerd_face:

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@David-san thank you for remembering this :grinning: I will try it later. There is so much to test right now…

@David-san @npudar

I just tested the X-fader crossfader.

It works perfectly. The options are nice, especially the manual or automatic crossfade with duration, plus the 2 types of curves (completed by the modifiable widget envelopes).

For simple actions, this replaces the Melda MRatio plugin I was using until now, and I save 1% CPU.

Bravo! :slightly_smiling_face: