Soundcheck Reaper to X32 to GP4 to X32 GP4

Hi everyone.
I am learning to use the Behringer X32 Rack with GP4 and want to do virtual soundchecks.

So far I know how to record 32 tracks to Reaper and do the virtual soundcheck back in the X32.

I now want to process the same 32 tracks from Reaper, firstly going in the X32 effects, then to Gig performer to replicate the same live mix with the plugins from bothe the X32 and GP4.

Normally, I can mix with all effects from the X32 and the plugins in Gig Performer but on Playback mode, I don’t get the audio to go from the X32 to GP4, hence can’t achieve a full soundcheck.
This is not a problem if the X32 in in Record mode.

Is this possible to do or am I doing something wrong?

Having owned an X32 in the past and having struggled myself with the routing view, it seems to me that unless someone here is deeply familiar with the X32, this is a question for a Behringer X32 forum or tech support group - it’s not a Gig Performer issue.

Thanks for the quick response!

I get what you are saying, I have not tried to post on the Behringer forum as I don’t expect many X32 users know anything about GP and was hoping that GP users would know, as well as it may be possible that this type of soundcheck apply to other mixer brands?

The point is that if you can’t get audio from the X32 into Gig Performer (assuming you did set GP to use the X32 as the audio device) then there is a problem with your X32 routing, so has nothing to do with gig performer.

I do know that this does work as in fact the original impetus for supporting effects processing from a mixer was done by a FOH engineer who was using the X32

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The X32 does pass the 32 channels from the connected mics and instruments.
My problem is getting the recorded audio back in Gig Performer.

The mixer does get the sound from reaper and output it properly, with or without any added plugins.

If we exclude the X32 mixer, can GP receive USB audio from Reaper or any other DAW for that matter?

I have also tried using Windows Audio, Helix Interface (Asio) and UMC (ASIO) Interface and no USB Audio from Reaper gets to GP.

. Are you trying to use the audio interface with more than one application at the same time? I.e, are you possibly running reaper and GP at the same time?

I need to listen to the 32 Audio recordings made (dry), then do the virtual soundcheck with the X32 and manipulate/alter the audio that I had going through GP at the time of recording. I could do everything in reaper (adding a copy of the plugin chain/s from GP), but that means that unless I just use Reaper for everything, I would need to copy back and fourth all the plugins between Reaper to GP.

If I only needed to simply send non USB inputs to GP then I don’t have a problem. I hope this makes sense.

To make it clear… the interface can play multiple applications at the same time.

Maybe unrelated, but I did a check with our IEM mixer (Soundcraft SI Expression 1), and I could get all 16 input channels inside GP without a problem (using MADI). However, there is no way to get it inside the Soundcraft again (at least I couldn’t figure it out; Soundcraft thingy I’m sure as the output channels are shown in GP). I don’t know about Behringer, just want to say GP can get inputs from mixer devices in general.

All I can tell you is that our FOH connects the 32-channel USB interface of an X32 to his laptop and he can send audio from the X32 into GP which processes the audio and sends the results back.

He does this on a Mac but shouldn’t be any different on Windows

First of all, thank you for your continuous support it is appreciated.

Please Re-Read my posts above… you misunderstood what I need from GP.

I CAN also do what your FOH does. What I need to do is a VIRTUAL soundcheck in Gig Performer using USB audio going IN GP.
Please let me know how to, even if I need a different interface than X32, it’s driving me crazy! :sweat_smile:

I am starting to believe that this is not possible in GP afterall.

  1. X32 receive audio from instruments.
  2. X32 sends the Audio to my Reaper DAW.
  3. Reaper records all 32 channels.
  4. I play the audio from reaper.
  5. X32 receives the audio from Reaper.
  6. I can do the Virtual soundcheck in the X32 with every processing made during the live mix.
  7. Some of the audio tracks NEED extra plugins that were used from GP during the last show.
  8. No USB audio get received by GP, hence I can only use the effects from the X32 and from Reaper.

I can however load any audio file in the Audio Player in GP.

  1. The Output routing from Reaper is set correctly (1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc…).

Step 2) should read: X32 sends the audio to Reaper and GP for extra processing.

I do not know what a virtual soundcheck means,

Edit: oh, do you mean you want to use the output of reaper as your sound source ?

If I (now) understand you correctly, you have both Reaper and GP using the X32 as the USB device driver.

If that is the case, you can presumably send audio from Reaper back to the X32 but if you want that audio to go into GP as well, then you have to configure your X32 to route incoming USB audio right back out to USB output.

No idea how one would do that - but this certainly doesn’t sound like a GP issue to me.

A virtual sound check is carried out from using a pre recorded show hence no need for the band doing full soundcheck. You can prepare the mixer and any processing normally used in the show, making some decision at home and allowing a more relaxed live mix, with less to do.

Yes! That.

But first needs to go through the X32 for the normal processing, then to GP.

Then you have to arrange to route from the X32 back to GP — this is not a GP issue, you would have the exact same problem if you used some other DAW or plugin host.

If you can’t figure out how to get that routing to work, or of the X32 doesn’t allow that particular routing, perhaps you might be better off using “virtual cables” and routing audio directly from Reaper into Gig Performer.

Well… Thanks again for trying to help me with this. I really need to hear from someone that uses the X32, Reaper and GP, then I could copy their settings to the X32 but so far there is no info about it that I can find on the net.

Don’t know anything about “virtual cables”.