[sound] Musiclab V6 TUTORIAL - How To Create an Amp Setting - The Gilmour Tone

This is the “first ever” tutorial shoot from Marty Wade and he used Gig Performer to host his audio plugins. “Faultless”, as Marty said :slight_smile:


I have tried the tutorial with my MusicLab V6 RealEight and now I want to buy the MusicLab V6 RealLpc too. It would have been better, when I never saw this video. :wink:

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I just bought the bundle with RealGuitar, RealStrat and RealLPC. So far, the results are pretty awesome and I’ve barely scratched the surface.


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The LPC is my goto Musiclab instrument. Very versatile. But I love the RealEight for rhythm and metal.
GigPerformer really has made my key tar setup so much easier to program