Marty Wade

Marty Wade is a keys player/vocalist and “general tech geek” (his own terms) with a passion for music production and the performing arts.

After you read the first sentence, the first association is of course - Gig Performer! :slight_smile:
I already presented Marty’s Gilmour sound tutorial in this thread.

In this YouTube video, check out how Marty is rocking with Cry Baby Wah and his keytar, powered by Gig Performer:

I chatted with Marty - stay tuned - more videos about Gig Performer will come :slight_smile:

As for Marty’s live rig, check out these photos:

I use an M1 Mac. The Pa4x is a bit of a workhorse for me. I use the twin MP3 players for cueing up tracks on the fly (I don’t use a set list). And although it’s primarily seen as a home board, it has some very lovely acoustic instrument sounds. The TC Helicon vocal FX section is also very handy.

Marty praises power efficiency of M1 chip.

Crazy how I can run a full 4 hour gig easily without even needing to charge the Mac. Gig Performer impeccable once again.

More information:


Marty is coming on the Backstage show this Thursday.

A small teaser from the Facebook group: LINK


Who missed the Backstage episode with Marty, check it out here :slight_smile: :


It was enjoyable…and informative!

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@marty I watched your Backstage last Thursday and learned quite a bit. Thank you. :slight_smile:
Would you be so kind as to post your KORG NanoKONTROL 2 Rackspace in the User Rackspaces forum?

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New video from Marty!

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Well done @marty!


Thanks for the share mate !! :wink:

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Thank you :pray: :grin:

Was so much fun ! And rather star struck speaking to the one and only Brett Pontecorvo!

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@marty truly inspiring. I’ve never had a keytar, but it’s darn tempting. Not sure I’m ready for it. However, can I ask a question: what is the controller you are using in your home studio (pictured here)?

[Edit] Trying to answer my own question - is this the Novation 61SL MkIII? If so, do you recommend this for live performance as a secondary keyboard controller for solos and such?

That is definitely a Novation SL Mk3.

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Thanks for the confirmation, @Vindes

Sorry for the late reply Dennis !
Yes it’s the Novation 61SL Mkiii. I would highly recommend it as a good all round controller board. There’s not much it can’t handle and the action is of the highest quality.

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I spy Gig Performer here :slight_smile:


Oh for sure you do ! And GP is gonna get hit a lot harder soon when I replace the Korg with a much lighter midi controller. :grin:

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How To Create A Vocal Effects Chain In Gig Performer 4


Even that can is headbanging! :slight_smile:


Night after night using Gig Performer!


I love that Gig Performer is the central place of the stage. :slight_smile: