[Solved]"Sync Start/Stop with Ableton Link" and Live 9.x not working


Under the General Preferences tab, there is an option that reads “Sync Start/Stop with Ableton Link.” When checked, I do not see any difference in behavior of GP. With Ableton Link enabled in both GP 3.x. and in Ableton Live 9.7.7, neither starts when the play button is pressed in the other app.

@pianopaul - are you using this feature? There is nothing about this feature in the GP3 pdf manual. What am I missing?


Hi Amor, I developed a custom patch for ableton live.
And in Gig Performer some scripting for sending osc messages to ableton live.


@pianopaul - Thanks for your response. Is the any chance you’d be willing to share?


Yes, no problem
I will Upload in some hours


Here ist the M4L patch, just edit the names it is reacting, then it should work.
Select_Scene_Feedback.amxd (136.0 KB)

And here an example script:

    mOSC      : OSCMessage  
    mOSCP     : OSCMessage
    mOSCT     : OSCMessage
// Called on attempt to change playhead status
On SystemEvent(newValue : double) Matching PlayheadStateChanged
    if newValue == 1.0 then
     OSC_SetAddress(mOSC, "/LaunchScene")
     OSC_SendSpecific(mOSC, "", 8000)

on Activate
 OSC_SetAddress(mOSCP, "/SelectScene")
 OSC_AppendIntArg(mOSCP, 5)
 OSC_SendSpecific(mOSCP, "", 8000)

The trick is following:
In Ableton Live the Link button is activated, as it is in Gig Performer.
The OnSystemEvent makes sure that the currently selected Scene in Ableton Live is triggered.
This is necessary because with Link enabled only the global play in Ableton Live is trigger but not the scene!
In the on Activate the OSC message is sent to Ableton Live and the M4L patch selects the desired scene by a given index.

In the M4L patch the incoming OSC messages are parsed and the internal Ableton Live API is called to start/stop the scene playing, select the desired scene, control volume of different tracks, control the mutes of different tracks.
But this is not the only thing, when you move a volume fade in Ableton Live OSC messages are sent back to Gig Performer, so that assigned widgets get the value back from Ableton Live.

Look at the M4L Patch and you see how the OSC Names of the Widgets in Gig Performer have to be set.
But you can - of course - change the M4L patch.

Hope that helps and enjoy :wink:

ps: All that could be done in sending midi messges to Ableton live.
But with this M4L patch it is much easier, as bidi communication is there and no need for doing correct widget assignments in each rackspace.


Ableton Live 9.x does not support transport start/stop synching. Live 10 supports it.
This is from their website:

In Live 9, there are no Song Position or Start/Stop messages sent via Link, nor can any other MIDI data be sent. In Live 10 the feature “Start Stop Sync” additionally shares Transport Start and Stop Commands.


@djogon You are absolutely right, Link start/stop works since Ableton Live 10.

@amor The M4L patch should work with Ableton 9.7.7


@ pianopaul Thank you so much for sharing this and taking the time to type out these instructions. I have not used OSC and am just beginning to explore M4L, so much of your terminology is new to me. But it’s a great place to start.

Thank you again!!


Gig Performer supports a lot of OSC messages.

See the current list at

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