[Solved] GP3 crash with sample rate changes

I’ve always had issues with Gig performer when trying to change sample rate.
I have a RME Babyface pro, but it did the same with a Focusrite scarlett 2i2 and it could be a registry bug coming from GP.
The main problem now is that GP crashes everytime I have a sample rate different from 44khz. I couldn’t even open it. It just changes the sample rate to 44 and it starts if I open it once again.
I try to send report bugs after but the software fails every time.
I need to use it with 96 or 192 sample rate.
Anyone with the same issue?

Wow…why such a high sample rate?

Have you tried opening gig Performer with no plugins loaded and then changing sample rate?

Hello! I tried to open GP with the shift key but nothing changes. It switches my interface’s sample rate and in the next open it actually opens but just because it is at 44.
When I try to switch sample rate in the audio setup it crashes.

I don’t quite understand your answer — where are you changing the sample rate? You should open GP with nothing loaded and then change the sample rate from inside Gig Performer’s Audio Options. Are you changing it somewhere else?

I tried to change the sample rate from inside GP’s audio option. It crashes when I switch from 44 to 96 after clicking “apply”. It works only at 44 and this is not something I would expect.

I am using RME UFX II with 48kHz Samplerate, no issue.
Did you try with for example a DAW?
Can you set the Samplerate of your Audio Interface before starting Gig Performer?

What version of GP are you running?

I am using the newest version 3.5, downloaded yesterday, but I had the same issue before
Obviusly the RME babyface pro works with any sample rate in any DAW.
I can set the sample rate of my babyface in the “fireface audio settings”.
If i try to use “control panel” function, it opens fireface audio settings but the sample rate setting is locked so I couldn’t change. I tried everything you said before I wrote in the forum. I also try to switch to “windows audio”, change the sample rate in “fireface audio settings”. It still crashes.

Ok guys, found the reason of this. It was my Kaspersky antivirus!

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Ok, how on earth did you figure that out?

It is always a good try to see if the antivirus blocks some functions of installed software, especially when there are no logic reasons why something doesn’t work haha :slight_smile:

It makes sense—software called for hardware parameter change.
When malicious software calls for ‘activate webcam’, you’ll be glad it was stopped. :slight_smile:

Interesting. I just uninstalled Kaspersky this morning. It’d been going nuts the last couple of days, so I’m back on Windoze Defender.

I’ve got a feeling that there was a recent update that changed its behavior. It’s just doing too much now. I don’t need my antivirus to look for updates for my installed apps.

Gracias por nada.