[Solved]Gig Performer 2.4 crashes when loading Waves Tune Real-time (and a few other waves plugins)


Hi, all has been well with gig performer 2.4 for me (on windows 10) until my recent purchase of Waves Tune Real-Time v10.0.0. When I try and add this particular Waves plug-in to my rackspace, a blank window opens and then gig performer shuts down. no error message of any kind. I have many Waves plugins and most of them work. I have found a few others in random tests that also cause a crash. Waves Tune LT (different license, but license is shared with other plugins that do work) also crashes as does Electric Grand 80 stereo. They all cause Gig performer to shut down in the same way. I also use Arturia, UVI Falcon, UVI workstation, acoustic samples (AWESOME!) and have had no crashing problems with these… I am currently using my laptop without an audio interface when this happens. Thanks for the help!


Contact Waves and complain. We’ve seen a few problems with some of their plugins but we’ve never been able to confirm it as a GP issue (I’ve seen their plugins crash in other hosts too).

We’ve been trying to get them to work with us for ages but they don’t respond.


One thing I would try…

Delete the “Waves Audio” folder (including all of its contents, especially the “Caches” subfolder) from:

C:\Users[your username]\AppData\Roaming

In my case, I would delete:

C:\Users\Primary\AppData\Roaming\Waves Audio

Force Gig Performer to rescan all plugins. [If you can delete just the references to Waves in the current plugin list and then rescan, that should do it, too.]

Waves will rebuild that folder as it needs.

I’ve had to do this several times. Only once was it a bug that required a patch from Waves. The remainder were (well, let’s be generous) software Alzheimer’s.


Software Alzheimer’s?

Is that a new kind of bug or just bugs that have been forgotten?


General confusion.

Waves seems to get confused sometimes after updates or new plugin installations.

Weird things, like being unable to move modules or control the UI of Scheps Omni Channel.

There was a bug in the original release of the Waves PRS amp sims, but that got fixed quickly.

Deleting the Caches folder doesn’t hurt, and very often helps. It’s the first thing I try when Waves gets confused.


Thanks @themaartion! I’ll give it a try and post my results this week.


Good luck.

Note that there have also been some issues with mixed v9 and v10 plugins. If clearing the cache doesn’t work for you, I’d suggest googling that topic specifically. There’s at least one Waves blog post on it and a number of threads in various DAW forums.

I got around all of that by paying for WUP for the first time. I WUP’d all of my out-of-coverage plugins as a group. The deal at the time, and maybe still ongoing, was to extend WUP on ALL plugins to one year from the end of the initial 1-year of coverage for the most recently purchased plugin. Since I’d just bought one (OK, several) on their $29 sales, I got two years of WUP coverage on every Waves plugin I own (around 50). I paid less than $200…a bargain!


Well… No luck. In the process I noticed that gig performer was unable to successfully scan in the waves VST3 plugins. I though maybe I needed to use all standard 64-bit VST plugins so I eliminated the VST3 folder from the scan list and rescanned all plugins left after deleting C:\Users\Primary\AppData\Roaming\Waves Audio. Still crashes when I try and load the same few Waves plugins. Onward to the Waves forums and blogs. Thanks for the tips @themaartian, I’ll probably need them at some point. If I figure out something, I’ll be sure and post it here.


You have my sympathy with your waves problem - I have had my fair share too - but never with GP only with Forte (my previous host).

I have found Waves support to be second to none (the latter or near it actually being my experience :frowning:). They usually answer by saying that your host is not one of the supported ones - so basically tough luck - you could try reinstalling Waves! So, therein, may be a solution - does the problem show in one of their supported hosts (e.g. Cubase - there will be a list on their web site). If it does then you can legitimately complain - if it doesn’t then maybe it really is a GP problem.

If you want to try reinstalling then here is how you do it. I have found that the Waves setup seems to get itself in a muddle and that reinstalling the whole lot seems to bring some sanity back. Entirely your risk though (backup!!)!!!:-:


If you have only V9 plugins and the update upgrades to V10 (and you don’t want that - then here is how to deal with that):-


My view is that with Waves its best not to update anything - because it always seems to end in pain - but thats just my opinion. I also think their so called ‘deals’ are a bit suspect. Because they claim that a plugin may cost $250 or something and then sell it for $29. Does anyone ever pay the real price - because if you wait a few weeks most things come down drastically in price. And what is the actual value of the update plans - most of the VSTs are fairly simple and probably don’t need updating anyway - and certainly any major problems will be obvious within the first year. Instruments are different.

BTW: I don’t know what David et Al have been saying to Waves - but maybe asking to be added to their supported hosts list might be a way forward. But knowing Waves they will probably try and charge you!



I have exactly the same issue with GP…it refuses to accept the VST3 Waves shell (v9 or v10). I reported it, since every other one of my apps that scans VSTs accepts it. In my mind, that makes it a GP issue. I was, unfortunately, unable to get them to take ownership, so I gave up.

Maybe additional reports like yours will light a fire under their feet.

GP is an excellent product, but I was put off by my experience with their tech support.

At the moment, I only use GP in the studio. If I were trying to use GP live, I wouldn’t have let it go.

EDIT: The point I hope Deskew take from my comment is that, while the problem might actually be with Waves, it’s up to them to take ownership and for them to work with Waves to determine why they’re unable to properly scan the VST3 shells. Sending all of the users experiencing this problem to Waves tech support is a waste of time and effort for both their users and Waves tech support personnel. OK, I didn’t let it go.


@themaartian - I was kind of hoping that we are really doing great on the support side of things. I am surprised to hear that you are not happy with our support. We try to directly help our users, we created this community forums, the new ticketing system and a bunch of other things so that we can help.

I understand that you are having issues with using Waves and GP, but please do understand that we cannot change the way a plugin works and because we are hosting it - we have to give it certain “breathing room” to do its things. In the process - one bad plugin could affect the entire setup.

Are you running the same Waves VST3 plugin in another host on your computer and it is working ok in that other host?

Did you maybe try to contact us using our support system, but we didn’t respond? I would really like to understand the issues you are having with the support.


Not sure where the other reply went. Maybe it’s awaiting moderation.

If it went missing…[edit: Never mind. It was a response to an email. Looked like the forum. Nice brand management!]

You’ve been very responsive. I was put off by the recommendation to contact Waves, when I believe there’s reasonable cause to think the issue is on your side.

Studio One Pro, Reaper 5, SONAR Platinum, Notion 6, Acoustica and a couple of others all scan the VST3 shells no problem.

Overture blue-screens or force closes on all kinds of VST2 and VST3 plugins when scanning. I gave up on that app.

To be clear…my issue is GP’s inability to handle (properly scan) Waves v9 or v10 VST3 shells. The VST3 shell is redlined at the bottom of the plugin list, so none of the VST3 plugins show up.

I would be more than happy to help troubleshoot if you can give me some guidance.


I think GP support IS really good and timely. i wish the support given by other organizations was even half as good.

In case my posting above was ambiguous - my complaint is about Waves’ (the company) poor support - not about GP support of Waves products.



Are you seeing these problems with VST and VST3 versions or only VST3 versions?

If you have an exact sequence of steps that reproduces the problem, could you please open a ticket (https://gigperformer.supportsystem.com) and include the actual steps needed so we can try and reproduce.


Thanks - we are trying to use some other channels to connect to Waves and see if we can work with them.
Could you please confirm that the issue is on Windows operating system. Also - when you say that those other hosts “scan the VST shells” what are the exact plugin names that you are seeing.
What is the exact red entry you are seeing in GP? We need the file name.

I tested this way back and I currently have Waves 9.92 (WaveShell1-VST3 9.92_x64.vst3) and it scanned PRS Archon, PRS Dallas, PRS V9 plugins into GP without problems.

Best is to open a ticket (as @david suggested) and provide us with as much details as possible so that we can try to figure things out.


By the way, I should add here that I have WavesShell for the Mac and all the VST3 plugins show up. This is beginning to look like a Windows only issue. Question: what version of Gig Performer are you running?


For the record, I want to clarify for the forum members that I have nada/zero/no problems with Deskew support of GP. It really is the most responsive tech support I’ve dealt with in a very long time. [Note: When I had to work for a living, I was the Director of Strategic Quality for the former/real Motorola and ran their Six Sigma consulting operations in Europe and Asia. I know a little something about customer service.]

The problem was one of frustration. After PMing with David, I can appreciate that my level of frustration is nothing compared to Deskew’s. Trying to deal with an organization that is not part of your supply chain can really suck. [<== Family-friendly version.]

I use GP every day. It’s an essential part of my studio. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was to part ways with SAVIHOST.

Back to regularly scheduled programming.


My specs:

Gig Performer: latest version
PC: Intel i7 3.4 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB HD, Gigabyte GeForce GTX 750 Ti 4 GB
OS: Windows 10 Home: latest version and updates

Failing Waves shell: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\WaveShell1-VST3 10.0_x64.vst3

Since the shell doesn’t scan, none of the VST3 versions show up in the plugin manager. Note that the v9.92 VST3 shell failed as well, so it’s not just a Waves v10 issue. The v9 and v10 VST2 Waves shells scan properly and all of my ~100 VST2 plugins show up.


It’s also the case that VST3s from Waves scan fine on Macs as well. So this issue seems to be ONLY happening on Windows with Waves VST3 plugins. Very strange.
To be clear, I know you said GP Latest Version but could you actually give us the version number? Unfortunately, we sometimes get tickets from people who think they’re on the latest version but in fact they’re not!


Can you please open a ticket at https://gigperformer.supportsystem.com so that we can reach out to you directly?