[Solved]Gig Performer 2.4 crashes when loading Waves Tune Real-time (and a few other waves plugins)



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Ticket opened. #306088 assigned to it.

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Thanks @themaartion! I’ve been on the road and unable to address this problem the last three days. I have a problem with the exact same vst3 file as you at the same directory. Your description exactly matches what I am experiencing. I am also on Windows 10 and using Gig Performer v2.4.0. The only difference in hardware is I am running an i5 instead of an i7 and my graphics card is not as good as yours. Same SSD and RAM. 2TB and 16GB.


Thanks to some tests with @themaartian, we have discovered that Waves is taking so long to validate that Gig Performer gives up after a while (if we waited forever, one errant plugin could block validation forever)
We are looking at the best way to address this issue without compromising other plugin validations.


Release version 2.5.2 completely resolves the waves VST3 plugin scanning problem for me. Thanks for figuring this out! Still working with Waves to try and resolve the crashing problem with Waves Tune Real-Time on Windows. I’ll post here if we figure something out. I switched Gig Performer over to VST3 ONLY once the scanning problem was corrected, but the crashing problem is present with the VST3 plugin in addition to the VST2 plugin.


Okay! I finally got back to addressing this issue and can now load Waves Tune Real Time without crashing. Here’s what I did. First I updated all Waves plugins to v10 which came for free when I purchase Waves Tune Real Time. Cool! Still got crashing though… I then updated my waves plugins using Waves Central and there were updates for all the plugins that were crashing. I then reinstalled all my plugins using Waves Central. I removed all the waves plugins from gig performer and set up gig performer to only scan VST3 plugins. I saved the rackspace and exited Gig Performer. I reopened Gig Performer and it rescanned all the Waves VST3, V10 plugins (lots). Lo and behold everything is okay now. Waves problem not Gig Performer. Thanks again to all the great support from Gig Performer and Forum members @themaartian and @bjgee


First, glad you figured it out. Second, thanks for describing the steps that led to solving it.



I had to spend money to WUP all of my v9 plugins, but Waves had a really good discount when v10 came out AND all of my v10 plugins are covered through the end of coverage of the most recently purchased v10 plugin (at the time of reWUPing (May 2018). So…I’m covered through May 2020. Pretty good deal.

But it did take me some time to completely remove v9 remnants.


Hopefully, the info will help others.