Slider widget to midi notes

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Can a widget slider be used to scroll through midi notes ie: C-2 through G8? My aim is to assign different positions of the slider within each variation that would then trigger the midi note to the vst (that has the drum patterns assigned across the keyboard) depending on where the slider is positioned. Hope this makes sense or if any can suggest a more elegant way of approaching this. Best regards.

What is the VST that you use?

This also depends on what parameters (host automation) are available in this VST plugin.

Stylus RMX.

Maybe a scriptlet?

Slider to Note.gpfav (2.0 KB)



That looks great! Would love to try it. I have no skills in scripting. Would you kindly share the scriplet being demonstrated above? Thank you in advance.

You won’t need any… that’s the cool thing about Scriptlets! You can just use them like a regular plugin.
It occurs to me like @rank13 sir offered a perfect solution. :sunglasses: :+1:


Sure - have edited my post above. Drag and drop the Favorite onto the Wiring view. Then map a widget to the note number parameter.

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Amazing humans in this forum! Thank you so much.


Interesting. Another application is the Blue3 plugin where different drawbar settings are activated via the lower notes on the keyboard. I’ve currently assigned widgets that send the note on message to select the set of associated drawbar changes.
However, rather than have a series of button widgets I’d rather have rackspace variations. Sounds like the scriplet would accomplish this.

The variations can turn the widgets on and off. Won’t this achieve what you need?

Have to experiment. A specific “note on” message needs to be sent with each activation of a variation of the rackspace. Not sure of the best way to implement this.

The scriptlet will work well for this. You can also map button widgets to a Midi In Block - which has individual parameters for each note. This will also send out Note On messages when you switch variations for any button that is active in the variation.