Simple VB3-II 2023 rackspace

As per request in the VB3-II 2023 released Thread here’s a simple gig-file providing a rackspace for a single manual (Upper B drawbar Set)

Sorry, this rackspace is derived from my main gig-file, therefore AU version of the VB3-II only (changing the plugin format releases the widget assignments to the plugin :thinking: )

VB3-II-2023.gig (624.6 KB)

What do you need to do:

  • change to your personal MIDI input
  • don’t forget the GP Script handle in the input block
  • assign a proper output device in the wiring view
  • assign your own MIDI controls

In my setup I use an Arturia KeyLab61 MkII with encoders in relative mode for the knobs.

Specials by GP Scripting:

  • Vibrator Chorus Text Label (V-1 to C-3)
  • Slow/Fast/Stop indicator
  • virtual HalfMoon Switch
  • Aftertouch with adjustable sensitivity toggles the Leslie Slow/Fast in parallel to a footswitch :slight_smile:

Have Fun!

PS: I left out theKeylab MkII LED stuff described here to keep it simple…


As we have seen some trouble when updating VB3-II from 2.0.0 to 2.1.0, I also updated the example rackspace - enjoy!

VB3-II-2023-2.1.0.gig (623.9 KB)

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