Setting up charts for songs with lots of lyrics

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As far as I can tell, there’s no way to link lyric/chord charts to parts in a song. Have I understood that correctly? Please someone school me if not.

So in the case of a song that has a tonne of lyrics (ie way more than will fit on the screen at a readable font size), how do people generally manage that? Create several copies of the song, set a different part of the lyrics in thhe Chordpro for each and then page through them?

The intuitive behaviour would seem to be for the chord pro files to link to song parts, so that as you page through the parts of your song, the relevant lyrics and chords also appear on screen, but I don’t think that’s possible so is the above workaround my best bet?

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In each Song you can load a different ChordPro via the Songs Lyrics/Chords Window
And then it is shown in the song properties
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You can also take a look at this thread.
I just separated my single PDF to multiple PDF - this way I can easily jump to the sections I need for the Song Part.
Sure it is a little bit if work - but as the word work says it works :wink:

Ah thanks Paul,

I don’t fully understand the last bit though. You seperate your PDFs into seperate parts (so you are using pdf charts instead of chord pro, but in principle the same, multiple files for sections, gotcha), but then how are you loading those different parts? Is there a way to assocate them with sections of the song that I’m missing, or do you just use multiple ‘songs’ for each song, as it were?

Here you see how the songparts can control the section to display

Take a look at the chordpro file I uploaded here

Ah, does this only apply in GP4?

I think so, this is a new feature as far as I know

Yes — one of the many new features in GP4

Ah ok. Cool. I’m on version 3.

Guess the multiple song workaround is the bet option then?

It depends, I like my solution :wink:

Ah sorry if i’m being dense. So your script solution does work on version 3? Does it only work with PDFs can it work with chord pro markup as well?

The sonpart reference I think is working in GP 4
and this reference is not related to any included pdf.
On windows I think include pdf will not work, you have to try including an image.

Ok. Thanks Paul, I’ll have a play. Super helpful as always. Cheers.

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Ok. after playing around, I’ve opted to just use embedded jpegs for my regular setlists. Gives me total control over formatting, meaning I can fit way more content into the same frame, using a bold font and inverting the colours (white text on black screen) which makes for much easier reading, especially in low light gig conditions). Also means I can keep all of my plates open in affinity publisher, scribble notes on them if that’s needed for last minute tweaks etc and then they just update to GP When I save them. Nice, bit of setup to do, but as you say Paul, if you do the work, it works. Thanks for your help.

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