Import PDF sheet music files

It would be really helpful if Gig Performer were able to import PDF sheet music files and be able to display them.

Are you on Mac?

Yes. I’m on Catalina OS

Try this gig, you have to change the rackspace script to your PDF-Paths and Filenames

TextEdit.gig (4.3 KB)

And this is the script

   PDF : Widget
   vea : ExternalApplication

// Called when a widget value has changed
On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from PDF
 if newValue == 1.0 then
  EA_SetProgramName(vea, "open")
  EA_AddArgument(vea,  "-n")
  EA_AddArgument(vea,  "/users/tweindl/Downloads/t.pdf")
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You can embed a single page PDF file into a ChordPro file that you can use with your song. Simply use the following within your ChordPro file

{image: /full-path-to-your-pdf.pdf}

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I tested this and it doesn’t work for me while the GPScript version works properly:
{image: D:/Users/David/Desktop/Songs/My_Song.pdf}
Did I miss something?

Unfortunately that trick will not work on Windows where you’d have to convert the PDF to an actual image and then use that image instead of the pdf.


On Mac this is working.

In Windows 10:
It’s a little work (but less than re-typing all my pdf’s)…I went to Convert PDF to JPG online for free | Adobe Acrobat (United States) and made my jpg file. Then just entered this into the Song Lyrics/Chord Editor:
{image:“C:\Users\John Talley\Downloads\Song Title1024_1.jpg”}.

It works really good. But, using ChordPro files it is so nice to have the transposition abilities, font size, etc, etc…So, for the most part, I’ll continue re-typing…

Thanks! I will check this out

Thanks for the Gig file! Unfortunately I don’t have any experience editing scripts. My question is how do you go about changing the rackspace script to your PDF-Paths and Filenames? Thanks!

Select your rackspace and open the script editor

Did you read this?

Yes. So I changed the rack space script. My next question is how do you import the pdf into Gig Performer?

The script only starts an external program to show the pdf.

Assuming I edited correctly what is the procedure to display the pdf in Gig Performer? I do apologize for my lack of knowledge about script editing. Thanks!

I got Gig Performer to display the PDF Thank you very much! Another question this song PDF is 12 pages long. Is there any way of scrolling through those pages in Gig Performer or do you have to use the external program to do that? Thanks again

As gig performer only starts the external program, the external program is responsible for that.

Thanks! I’m going to try my Air Turn Bluetooth pedal and see if that works for switching pages

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I got the Air Turn Bluetooth Pedal to work for switching pages which is cool. Another sorta related question. If I create a rackspace variation can I edit the script so that when I switch from the original rackspace to the rackspace variation it can display a different song pdf. Or do you have to create another rackspace to do that? Thanks!