Sending CCs to iPad from GP

So since the pandemic I have been doing a bunch of solo work. A lot of people in a similar vein seem to be using a looper pedal but for some reason I just don’t want to do that. But there is the occasional tune that wood be cool to have a little extra support and I found this app Soft Drummer from Lumbeats that seems perfect for my porposes. I work very improvisationally and have no desire these days to program a full song anyway…and Soft Drummer has a “jam” paramater and great real time control.

So my question is… this is an ios app. I don’t have an iPhone or iPad. but I am considering getting an iPad just to run this app. How would I send CCs from Gig Performer to an iPad? Hopefully this is a simple thing.

Alternatively, anyone know of anything as cool as Lumbeats in Windows software?

There is an interesting application called Studiomux which makes it possible to include virtually your iPad instrument like a VST in a Rackspace. I never used it but some users in this forum did.

Elsewhere, if your iPad is connected to your computer as a MIDI device, you will have an iPad output MIDI port to send it any MIDI message.

There are also MDrummer or EZ Drummer 2 you could try before buying an iPad only for that.

Thanks so much David. Studiomux looks very interesting. I assume connecting the iPad as a MIDI device is a simple task?

And yes, I sure would certainly prefer Windows software like MDrummer or EZ Drummer, but Lumbeats does exactly what I need it to in a live environment. There is a “jam” feature that you can set at a % that really mixes things up very nicely and intelligently, as well as some easy real time control over MIDI CC. I’m not seeing anything else like it.

As I said, I’m just not into preogramming things out, which these other programs seem more geared to. Did that back in the '80s!!! With an Oberheim drum machine and an EMAX, loading songs from a floppy. That was enough :slight_smile:

With the installation you get a VST plugin to use in GP.
On the iPad you can for example load SWAM Sax in Studiomux and in GP you route MIDI In to the Studiomux plugin and the audio out from the Studiomux Plugin to the Audio.

So this way you can treat the iPad like a normal Plugin.
And with an USB connection the audio latency from the iPad to GP is about 1ms.

I find this solution genius.


I have played around a bit with Lumbeat rock drummer and i bassist. I linked rock drummer with i bassist and both via midi to GP (you need to enable the ableton link feature in the lumbeat apps).

You should be able to start and stop the apps together with GP songs and also interlock the clock / beat. It may be possible to to select a fill or a start or end pattern, but have not tested this.

Very nice apps but they need a bit time to find and understand all the tricks and feature as there are only basic explanations and help.

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@pianopaul Am I correct in understanding then that audio comes from the iPad into GP (as well as MIDI back and forth) and then out the regular GP audio output? That is indeed genius!

I was getting concerned and confused with the iPad just having a lightning connector how to get both MIDI and audio (thinking I would have to take audio from iPad)… powered USB hub and then USB audio interface.

So with Studiomux I would just need a lightning to USB cable and Bob’s my Uncle? :slight_smile:

Correct !

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So, where is the audio routed into GP…1/8" to interface?

This is all you have to do in Gig Performer
Just include the delivered VST plugin
Route Midi In and Route Audio

On the Mac (on Windows also?) start the StudioMux Server

on the iPad you start Studiomux and load your desired instrument into StudioMux
Then enable Wifi or USB Connection in Studiomux oil iPad
The rest runs out of the box.

And here is the link to the Beta:

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Is this in the Studiomux Beta or in the old Studiomux? They are fairly confusing on their websites, etc. I’ve been using the old Studiomux for a while. I tried the beta but couldn’t get it to work. They also talk about a “small” program to install on the PC…haven’t been able to find it. That must be where the plugins are.

Studiomux 5 beta

And on the iPad with Testflight you can download the beta for the iPad
(Maybe you have to buy the official version first, do not know)

I am thinking of buying Hammond IK Multimedia for iPad.
So the CPU Monster can run on iPad, more CPU for other plugins on Gig Performer.

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I was just reading about Testflight…that’s what I didn’t do before.


This is also genius! Particularly with B3X on sale right now! I have an old laptop and can’t get B3X to work on my laptop (although I can get other cpu heavy hitters like Diva and Repro 5 to work). I am concerned abuut the latency though. It won’t be any problem for the drum program but I am apparantly a bit more sensitve when playing keys. I hear people often saying human ear can’t hear such andf such, but I can FEEL differneces when geting into 256 and above sample buffer size. I sure think I do anyway

In Studiomux AU instruments can be loaded.
SWAM instruments work this way in Studiomux, IK Hammond I do not know.

Found this on IK website

  • AUv3 plug-in compatibility for use inside recording apps

Sounds very useful — but is the app still in development?

Last version is from 2018 and i tried to open the both URL from the app descriptions both without success:

*… studiomux needs a small helper app installed on the Mac or PC - please download it from our webpage: *
please have a look at our integration guide

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Yes the working app is still beta

@pianopaul Sorry I’m quite confused now. Frist @Charly links are to a different studiomux? The home page is here I would believe… Zerodebug

Burt more importantly, there is a working verion of studiomux that you are using now, right Paul? I see one in the app store anyway. Or are you actually using the beta? But in any event you have something working for you in the way you described?

I think the only working one is the beta version, which is free for the moment…

Confusing …

… the Zerodebug page looks promising compared to the page at the iOS app store.

But on their page they link to the outdated page at the IOS app store.