Send All Notes Off

Yes…BUT, I’m discovering that pushing the pedal again doesn’t stop the sustained notes. The only way I can stop the notes is by striking them again. So this may not be what you’re looking for (without some modifications which I’m not experienced in making).

I too have found certain patches that will sustain and then stop sustaining upon striking the same note. But that’s more the preset programming itself. I wonder if that’s what’s going on for you as opposed to the script working. I appreciate the time you’re willing to test this. I wonder if you had another plugin with different patches would you experience the same thing?

You could be right on the sustain cut-off. I haven’t experimented too far with it. I did try more plugins such as pads, etc. They all act the same. One trick I’ve noticed is that you have to release the note before you release the pedal in order for the sustain to work.

OK I think I’m onto something. First of all, I had to delete the midi in and out blocks, make new ones with same script name then I got a different set of behaviors. I have no idea why, but finally starting to get SOME of the results @pianopaul was talking about. I have been able to consistently get these results:

1: Play note(s)
2: press and release pedal, so value of 0 then 127
3: release note and it is sustaining. If at that point I play any more notes, they TOO will sustain…however, if I
4: press and release (0, then 127) pedal again, then new notes will NOT sustain and will play on top of the original sustained notes.
5: If I press pedal again, then the new notes WILL sustain as well, which I can get rid of by pressing the pedal again. So the 2nd layer of notes can be toggled on/off to sustain or not on TOP of the original sustained notes, which are still going non stop during all this time.
Also during these cycles, I cannot stop the original sustain by pressing the pedal, doesn’t matter how many times I press the pedal, they keep going. ONLY if I hit the same note(s) that started it originally, then it stops and its the only way to stop them.

1: With pedal pressed and released (127) it sustains the original notes and any new note (even after pressing/releasing pedal)
2: Press/release pedal agian (0) now new notes do NOT sustain and can play new notes over the sustained notes. However, unfortunately, playing the same notes again that were used to sustain, STOPS those notes from sustaining. Undesired effect.
However, in this mode, press/release the pedal again (127) STOPS all sustain, which is great!

So there you have it. I tried to be as detailed as possible. This shows a LOT of promise but can’t use as is. The latched action is closer to what I wanted, and could be useful if:
1: playing the same notes again as in the sustain, would NOT stop them from sustaining
2: Wouldn’t have to press the pedal a second time for new notes not to sustain. In a live application, one wants to sustain a chord, play over it, then quickly change chords to sustain and play over it agian…pressing twice each time will be confusing.

My old setup had it working where the pedal had to be pressed down while striking the notes one wants sustained, then upon releasing the pedal, the notes after that would not sustain and play over the sustained chord. Then when press and hold again, strike new chord…release and play over… etc That was based on sostenuto CC#66 however, NOT sustain #64. Could that be the problem/solution???

@pianopaul, your price is too high for me (Maschine+) but I’m sure you deserve it!!! We’re sooo close!!! I think a lot of guitar players (and others??) could benefit from this! :slight_smile: Is that enough motivation to keep going? Collectively, we have put so much time and effort into this, let’s finish it ! Ra-ra-hurra! LOL

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Sounds like you’re on to something. I’m pretty sure the note release when hitting the same note again was part of the original script. It would work great for two controllers…play a chord on one controller and let it sustain while playing over that on another controller. Then when stopping or changing chords you hit the same notes (on the first controller) and the sustain would quit.

Yeah, I think you are right, that stopping the sustained notes by playing them again is by design of the AutoSustain feature, but it does not work for this application too well, unless it is highly customizable. Especially not on the guitar. You are limited to sustaining only very low notes and playing over them only on very high notes.

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@ztones, given that you topic titled "Send All Notes Off’ derived more or less to another GPScript request and has already more than 70 answers, I hope you won’t mind me asking you something that may have already been explained.

Does what you want resume to a Sustenuto pedal (like the one of a grand piano) with a latching option rather than the regular momentary behavior?

Yes it does and I mentioned this a few times in this thread actually. It is a sostenuto behavior for sure. :+1:

I’ve been playing the piano since I was four,(that was a long time ago) and I still haven’t found any use for hat pedal🤫


LoL I can see that as a piano player. However as a guitar player in the world of midi, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities! :slight_smile:

My script is loyalty free :wink:
So you can change whatever you want.


Thanks for all the effort you had had put into it!

I have an algorihmic solution in mind, but I would need a bit more Note Management functions that what we have until now in GPScript, so I will probably need more time. Please be patient… we will find a solution for you…

I much appreciate it in advance! I will be patient! :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Here you have :wink: :


Wow! You didn’t forget! I’m impressed! Thank you so much, i will check it out later. :+1:

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With all my complete redesign of my system, I finally got around to trying your sostenuto (or sustenuto LOL) scriptlet. Works great! Thank you so much! Is there an option in the script not to play any new notes after the (sustenuto was activated) at all? The single vs overlap notes button is a different behaviour. If not, that can be easily solved by a grouped widget for note on filtering. Thanks again!

You are welcome.

If you only need to have you last chord playing, perhaps you could simply use a regular sustain (CC64) together with the Plugin Persist Scriptlet:

With this Scriptlet the notes which are playing go on playing until you stop to play them, new notes are filtered out, and the connected plugin is definitely bypassed once you the last played notes is released.
Would this work for you, or do you still need to play rhythmic chords using the sostenuto notes?

Ah! You’re thinking like a keyboard player! Is that your instrument? Lol what you’re saying makes sense based on the limited information i gave you. So I do want to keep on playing I just don’t want that particular sound to continue while I’m playing on top of it with the same instrument. I’m a guitar player and I want to sustain keyboard pads or start certain sequenced sounds and I do not want new notes to be played with those same synth sounds after holding the notes, just play either my regular guitar sound or another synth over it. So I need the sustenuto effect. With a grouped widget blocking blocking me notes it gives me exactly what I’m looking for.

That’s the only thing I can do… :roll_eyes:

What you request is a bit different as the sostenuto (with “o” please! :wink:) is not enough for you.

With the Plugin Persist plugin you can play a chord, press sustain and keep it pressed, switch to another variation, which stop the current synth and start another one, the current sound is still eared until you release systain, but the new synth sound can already be played.

Don’t you perhaps rather want to be able to (I try to think like a guitarist who can play less notes than a keyboardist at a time :wink:):
1 - play a chord with a pad synth
2 - press a “hold chord” pedal and the sound goes on but another synth sound can be played
3 - you release the “hold chord” pedal such that the chord using the pad synth is stopped and the next notes will be played with the pad synth again
back to 1… etc…