Send All Notes Off

Is there a way to send “all notes off” message without via a widget calling on the midi in block to send CC#123 (all notes off)? Reason for wanting to not do it that is b/c other groups of widgets would have to be calling on same midi block to send the same CC#123 and inevitably that links the different groups together because they’re calling on the same plugin to send the same message.

I know I could create copies of the maybe block and thereby separating them but I thought there might be another, cleaner way of doing it? Scripting of need be? Although I was hoping that’s not needed either…

So what Id like is if I change the status of a widget, an all notes off CC message to be sent without having to create a widget to control the midi block to send the all notes off message? I hope that makes sense. THanks!

With a little script you can do that.

“Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends…”
Here goes my little prayer for a little help for a little script… :wink:

What type o widget should send the All Notes Off Message?
A button, when pressed On => Send All Notes Off?
And for my understanding, why not map this widget to the MIDI IN Block and map to CC 123?

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Right. Good question. As I mentioned, the reason why I don’t want to map the widget to the midi in block to send cc123, is because I have multiple widgets (controlling different plugins) and with that solution I would either have to create multiple copies of the midi in block, otherwise, if all the widgets are mapped to the same midi in block and same parameter, they will set off each other.

So my options are either to create multiple midi in blocks, or scripting. I thought scripting would be a cleaner solution. Am I wrong?

As to what widget, yes, a button.

What I am trying to accomplish is this. I have 4 synth plugins. I want to sustain any one of them at will to keep playing the already the notes I’m already holding (like cc#66) and to block any further midi notes. To accomplish this, I grouped 2 widgets together. I already have a midi filter block to all my plugins, so one of them blocks notes off (this sustains) and the other blocks notes on. So far so good. However, when I want this sustain to stop, I can’t just turn off the widgets, as the plugin needs to receive a note off for all the notes it is currently playing. To accomplish this, I need to send an all notes off command. I could do this with a 3rd widget linking it to the midi in block as you pointed it out, but then I would need a separate midi in block for each plugin.

Perhaps there is a totally different (better) way of accomplishing this?

@pianopaul probably has better solutions but what exactly would be wrong with having separate midi in blocks?

When I read this I think AutoSustainer function could help.

What’s that?

Nothing “wrong” with it. I just have a lot of racks already and having to edit each, add all the new blocks, set up all the “wirings”, widgets etc… I thought copying a script would be quicker and easier.

That is an inbuilt function to be used in scripting where you can define that a played note should sustain
until you stop it for example by pressing a different note.

I did that with Another Brick in the wall.
With my left hand I play D2 and with the right hand I play the chords.
D2 plays forever until I press it again.

This is just a use case for AudoSustainer.

Sustain note until other note is played

That seems like a very elegant and great solution for certain scenerios such as you described, but in my case, I want to sustain (guitar) a chord for example and play all kinds of stuff all over the neck on top of it. So having another note turning it off or creating any command wouldn’t work in my case.

How would you turn it off?
With a widget you could turn on the AutoSustainer and off again.
I think that could work.

For my understanding:
You play a chord for example C3-E3-G3 and this should sustain,
You play a melody in the range D4-D5 (just as an example) and that should not sustain.

At some time you decide that the chord should stop.

What do you mean by that?
I want to sustain (guitar)

I was just letting you know I play the guitar. On the keyboard its a bit easier to stay “above” a certain note.

Activating and deactivating the widgets that allows note and and off messages is how you turn it on and off. The only “missing” part of the solution is how to send an “all notes off” message. Via multiple midi in blocks (one to each plugin and lots of editing of existing racks) or a script?

I do not really understand.

You play Guitar and what should be sustained?

Do you trigger Plugins via your Guitar and Midi signals?

I think I misunderstood you when you said “how would you turn it off?” I thought you were asking about how I would turn off my suggested setup. Yes, I think your solution might work in my case if I could turn on/off the autosustainer with a widget and it wouldn’t be note dependent.

I have a guitar with Fishman Tripleplay equipped for midi. So my goal is to be able to sustain whatever midi notes I am holding when I press the widget and it also should not allow any NEW midi notes to play, only hold the ones I want to sustain. Example would be to hold and sustain a pad sound and play guitar over it. After I press hold, I don’t want to hear anything new pad sounds being executed, only my guitar or another plugin if I choose so.

OK you press the pedal and all notes are triggered and hold while the pedal is pressed.
Now you release the pedal and the previous played notes keep playing and no new notes shpuld be played.

When you press the pedal again the playing notes should stop and you can play new notes?

Exactly! :slight_smile:

So let me think :wink:

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Try this
AutoSustainer.gig (5.9 KB)

Press sustain pedal
play some notes, should sustain
release sustain pedal
play other notes, should not sustain

press sustain pedal
played sustaining notes should stop

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This does sustain nicely existing notes when pressed and stops sustaining when pressed again. That’s great! However, its not working exactly as you had described in your previous message (see below), which also included not allowing new notes to play after pressing the pedal/or widget.

Actually, I could probably throw a widget there to filter our note on messages, that way I could pick and choose whether to allow new notes or not, BUT is it possible to NOT sustain the new notes after the pedal was pressed?

If its not asking too much and doesn’t require too much thinking, I’d love to get two scripts. One that does not allow new notes to play at all and another one that does allow new notes but will not sustain them. That way I could test out which version is more useful for me. LOL Thanks so much!