Script to "wiggle" widget?

I have a few plugins that require me to manually control a parameter with a widget in order to get the sound to play or play correctly.

For example, SWAM requires you to map a midi controller/widget to the expression parameter in order to get any sound out of it. For Kontakt, as @dhj found out, the dynamics parameter is pre mapped to CC1.

I’ve tried to map a widget to the parameter and have an initial value set to 100, but it doesn’t seem to get activated when the rackspace is loaded for the first time on gig load.

I think SWAM requires some movement of the mapped controller to wake it from it’s default setting of zero, and Kontakt has similar behavior with the CC1 mapping.

I was thinking that having a scriptlet that resets the widget value to 100 or if needed, to "wiggle it by setting it to say 90, then 100, in case the plugin is looking for more movement?

Sorry for the long post, but wanted to explain my situation clearly

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You can check this thread and you might find the answer you’re looking for.

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Thanks! It seems that they were focusing on sending the midi to hardware. I will try the script in that thread to see if it will do what I need. The widget value gets set correctly on load, but I believe I need to resend that value to the plugin after the rackspace loads

The script example in that thread by @pianopaul worked great! I made a separate unmapped widget for the script to use to set the initial value and I am still able to map a widget directly to that parameter in SWAM via host automation to control it in real time.

This saves me from remembering to “wiggle” my foot pedal before the song starts! Thanks to all!


If I’m sending midi CCs to a Midi In Block using SendLater, does that bypass the Midi Filter option on the block? I seem to be able to send CC1 through to the connected VST even though Modwheel is blocked on the block options. I get the same behavior with CC11

Just checking to see if this is intended or a bug?

It is intended — essentially if you use GP Script you have full control over what happens. You can use GP Script to check if something is blocked but the assumption is that if you’re using GP Script to send something, then you want that something to go through.

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Thanks for confirming. I agree that the flexibility of full access for scripts is the most useful way to go about it