Scrip Tutorial

Hi, it is possible to have Scrip tutorials for those of us who are not programmers

Have you tried

I think this introduction djogon mentioned above might be a very good start to getting a first overview of how things work in GPScript.
I personally think that a general “tutorial for programming” is quite difficult to realize…
For me it always will be more purposeful to have an actual problem which has to be solved by scripting and thus having a goal towards which one can work.
So @GagoC why don’t you tell us what you want to do and we try to help you with this, explaining each single step or thought that leads to a certain step.
Just ask if you want to know anything special… :+1:


Hi Schamass,

First of all, thank you for your help and congratulate them for this excellent tool.

I have tried with different VSTs that do not respond to PC messages and I need to make a Patch change within a variation, Example Arturia Plugins; B3x from IK Multimedia, D50 from Roland, etc …

So I thought that the sound changes can be sent through a midi message with a script, either with a knob widget or button with the assigned patch number.

This is my dilemma and since I am not an experienced programmer I need a lot of help

As far as i can remember, there is no need for scripting to do this…
if this doesn’t help, we can continue the talk. :wink:

It depends wether the VST “understands” PC-changes generally - if it doesn’t, it is not possible to do.
And it also is not recommended to use variations to switch between patches. Better use diffrent rackspaces for this, which will give you some benefits as (e.g) patch-persist.

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I will do the tests and I tell you the result, thanks for everything

@GagoC I’ll just caution you about sending PC messages to your plugins. Not all will behave as expected, many will not do the switch quickly enough, some will produce artefacts etc…

If you are actually creating new sounds, not variations on existing ones - it is ALWAYS far better to duplicate your rackspace and load the appropriate patch into the plugins.

You get several benefits this way…

  • “Patch Persist” can be enabled on a rackspace which means you can hold a chord down while switching a rackspace and it will continue to play until you let go, but allow you to play with the new instrument.
  • Switching from one sound to another will always be smooth and you can control the tail length in a rackspace
  • Switch instantly regardless of the plugin setup. All plugins are switched immediately to the new setting.
  • Tweaking a complete different sound is much easier than trying to put widgets for all possible combinations.

I know that some other applications do not work this way and rely on patch changes in a plugin, but try to think the “GP way” :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

Yes, it seems I’m going to give up,
Thanks anyway