How to sending program changes when changing variations?

Organisation: One song one rackspace, variations for intro, verse, chorus etc.
I need to send prog.changes from GP to my external prophet when changing variations.
How to do that?

Hi Urs,

this is very easy.

Include a Midi Out Plugin which points to your external Synth.
Include a widet and map it to the Midi Out => Send PC Message on Activate
Now in each Variation you set your widget to the desired PC Value.

Attention: Do not check “Ignore variations”
In your Midi Out Block you can set the Midi Channel where the PC message should be sent.

Hope this helps.

Just a quick TIP in case people miss it…

Widget values normally go from 0…100 so if you need a widget to send an exact MIDI value out we include a simple trick to append the small letter “m” when you type in the widget value. That then gets translated to the correct widget value.

So if you want to send PC 4 for example - you can type the following into the current value field

When you press enter - the value of “4m” will automatically be transformed to 3.1 which will properly send PC4 out when you switch mack to that variation.

I would add that this trick is very useful if you just want a widget to work for a small number of program changes. For example, if you set the Max value to 4m then the widget will just go from PC 0 to PC 4 over its entire range.

Tried to map a widget to midi out plugin for sending program changes (Send PC Message on Activate). Typing 4m in the widget value and save. In front view value under the widget is always 0. When moving the widget, nothing changes.
GP 3.0.43

Can you post screenshots?

Working as expect…

Problem solved. The corresponding device of the midi out block was not connected…
Sorry, everything OK!