Scan doesn't recognize NI plugins

Started a trial today. My understanding is that Gig Performer is
intended to be able to support Native Instruments' plugins. Yet when
Gig Performer does a scan of C:\\Program Files\\Native Instruments...
, it results in a long list of messages stating \"Deactivated after
failing to initialis...\"  

My Native Instruments install is the KOMPLETE START free bundle with 2,000 sounds and 6 GB of content.

OK – first of all, what version of Gig Performer are you running? I see all the Plugin Alliance plugins. By any chance are you using the Locked version of Gig Performer that is distributed by Plugin Alliance?

Thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

I’m using the 14-day trial 3.8.0 version from the Plugin Alliance site. Is that version locked?

Is there an unlocked version that I can try?

Try this:

I uninstalled the 3.8.0 trial I had downloaded from the Plugin Alliance site then downloaded the 3.8.0 trial from Got the same result.

The basic problem is that I can’t really try this SW if I don’t see any instruments to use as plugins.

Perhaps I have misunderstood how this program works. I expected it to allow me to see a list of VST instrument plugins to choose from–not not just amps and effects processors.

In plugin Manager you should delete all entries in red and do a rescan.
Where did you install your vst instruments?
In plugin Manager you can set the paths where Gig Performer should scan.
And: Gig Performer can only use 64 Bit vat plugins.

And your expectation is correct — see for example the screenshot below, showing a partial list of plugins.

However, as I suspected after seeing your screenshot (thank goodness you posted that), you were indeed running the locked PA version, which restricts you to PA plugins only. There are a couple of synths in the PA list, such as Unfiltered Audio LION and Oberhausen but the locked version will not validate plugins other than those from PA.

As @pianopaul noted, once you install the unlocked version (or the trial version directly from the website, you should open the Plugin Manager, select all those RED entries, delete them and then rescan. You should now have access to all the synths in NI.

Let us know how it goes.

Making some progress (thanks again for your help). From the Plugin scan list, I could identify the 5 PA plugins categorized as Instrument/Synth.

Four of the five generated sound as expected. (The Knif Audio Knifonium produced no sound but I assume that I just don’t know what it does and how to use it.) PA plugin in rig_25

What about your NI instruments?

I see where the NI plugins are located in the plugin insert list. For example, the Komplete Kontrol plugin was listed. However, I could not get any of the instruments selected within the KK plugin to sound. Those same tested instruments did sound when I opened KK standalone.

The trial version is not locked at all.
Did you try to load for example fm8 or massive or Kontakt directly?
Maybe Komplete kontrol as plugin reacts on a different midi channel as you are sending into Gig Performer.

No, the Gig Performer trial from our website is not locked. It will run essentially fully functional for 14 days, with just occasional quick audio dropouts. All your plugins should work perfectly fine.

Why are you connecting the Komplete channel 18 to the audio interface? Is that actually the channel that is producing audio from Komplete?

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Good point

I chose KK output channel 18 based on its proximity to the audio input connection. I’ll try alternative KK output channels. Tx.

That was it! KK output channels 1 and 2 work.

Now that I have that newbie instrument playing out of the way (thanks again for your help), I’ll move on to seeing if I can set up Gig Performer MIDI control of my Eventide H9 Max and Line 6 HX Stomp effects devices :slight_smile:

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Just to complete the answers about the “red” plugins … if you installed both 32bit and 64bit plugins and scan them - only the 64bit ones will get properly scanned and enabled. The 32bit plugins will be correctly shown as red - Gig performer works with 64bit plugins only.

Hmm, I’m not sure what you’re going to try and do here but you probably do not want to do direct MIDI control of your Eventide, etc. That’s a very old style approach.

Instead, you should create widgets that will respond to your external controllers (via MIDI) and then you will attach the widgets to parameters in your Eventide plugin.

Please see this article for more information

Thanks for your advice. Both Eventide and L6 provide VST plugins for their devices. Is that the approach you are suggesting?

By default GP opens all MIDI port found on your computer. Some prorietary hardware control VST use special MIDI ports that have to be dedicated to them. If this is the case for you, you can configure GP for not to opening such MIDI ports.

Yep. You’re right. Eventide provides plugins that do what their hardware H9 does. I was able to load those into GP.

evetide plugins 45

Too much fun!