Saving plugin state

I’m using an auto bass plugin called V Bass from Ujam. It follows chord input to play it’s bass lines. However, when I set the desired key, the plugin doesn’t remember the setting. I thought that the plugin state was automatically saved in GP. Is this not the case? Is there another step I need to carry out when saving?

But when the plugin itself does not expose all states, Gig Performer cannot help.

If your plugin does not save and restore state properly (not sure why would this be unless it. is a bug in a plugin) then the only alternative is to assign a widget to every parameter you modified from the plugins “zero” configuration. GP will then restore the values of those parameters when loaded.

This assumes that your plugin supports host automation.

I’ve emailed the developers about this. Meantime, the idea of assigning a widget sounds good. I looked through the parameter list in GP and there is one called SongKey, but I couldn’t get it to respond to midi learn.

« MIDI learn » is related to how to control a widget from an incoming MIDI message.
« Parameter learn » is related to which plugin parameter is controlled by a widget.
If I followed well, the idea would be to learn the parameter, but choosing it in the GP parameter list for your plugin is equivalent. With regard to what you are looking for, « SongKey » sounds good :+1:

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I thought so too. But in the V Bass key select on the main page, right click doesn’t bring up a midi learn option. Yet in the user manual, it says that key setting can be done with midi learn. Not sure what’s going on here!

Forget about the MIDI learn and focus host automation parameters. Why does it not work for you to assign the SongKey parameter to a widget?

Can you give me a short heads up on how to do that please?

Assign this parameter to a widget and I suppose it will be properly memorized, I don’t understand your concern about this.

I was expecting the assigned widget to move the key selection slider. But are you saying that if I select the key manually with the widget already assigned, it will remember the manual selection next time?

It is how it is supposed to work.

Yes, also.

Ok, I’ll see how it goes. Thanks for your help.

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That didn’t work. Perhaps there’s a bug? Still waiting to hear back from the developers.

What exactly happened and what exactly didn’t work?

I did a two test rack spaces with two v bass plugins set to different keys, then saved that as a gig file. The keys weren’t remembered when I reloaded the saved gig file. Because I wasn’t sure whether what I was doing was correct, I had asked for simple instructions.

Can you map the “Keys” Parameter to a widget?

Do you need simple instructions to know how to map the UJam V Bass “SongKey” parameter to a GP widget? Or did you already succeed to do so?

Without midi learn available in the plugin UI, I needed to be shown another way. However, I heard back from the developers overnight, and there is indeed a bug stopping the key setting from being saved.

@bigalminal - I strongly urge you to go through GP manual again and focus on mapping parameters to WIDGETS. This has nothing to do with midi learning or anything else in the plugin.

You do not want to map MIDI directly to the plugin in general. It is much better to map a widget to a parameter in the plugin and then, optionally, map that widget yo any midi control you have.

I heard back from the plugin devs overnight and there is a bug preventing the key setting from being saved. I will wait for an update.