Sampler Player - Noob guide please

Hi All,
I’m a guitar player and using GP already, and its going good.

But our bands keys player is thinking of moving over to it.
I can get my head around the midi in, to a synth, to audio out thing ok
What I cant understand yet is …
Midi In - Sampler Player - Audio out.

Is that a thing ‘Sample Player’ ?
If so can someone just point me to a link so I can read up on a real one to get a clue on how they work etc.

Keep Rocking.

Hi @paulfurze,

What kind of sounds is your keys player wanting to produce? With a midi-controller keyboard they are almost unlimited in what can be achieved. And, via GP, it is very controllable with many performance possibilities.

We have many keyboardists (and guitarists) on this forum who can guide you through many encounters.

Tons of such things out there. The most well known is Kontakt from native instruments. Tons of libraries for it. Quite a few others as well.

Just another plugin so yes, midi in block connects to sampler and sampler connects to audio out (and it perhaps to other effects or vol control if needed)

However, your keyboard should identify what kind of sounds he wants. There are tons of synth plugins out there, some free, some commercial, for pretty much any need.

Thanks guys…
Well, up till now hes just been using the sounds on the keyboard.
But we’ve started looking at ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ (Bruno Mars) and its got a lot of keys parts in it.
I’ve seen a you-tube of someone playing it on keys, and they linked to ‘Samples’ they had used.
Hence my thoughts that a ‘Sample’ player must be a thing.
A quick google says theres a lot of such, but this is keys stuff and not my field.
Guitar effect chains are sorta simpler, audio in, audio out. :slight_smile:

Guitarists can utilize plugins also. Check out this one I use from Jam Origin called MIDI GUITAR 2.

So why don’t you just invite your keyboarder to this discussion?


Hi Jbt,
The guitar thing i understand.
My own rig is using S-Gear, Waves GTR and Blue-Cat and I use an FCB1010 for control.
I’m well happy and even have A/B pcs set up for it (in case of failures etc)

Think the main thing I’m trying to suss is understanding the midi stuff.
As I said earlier, guitar chain is sorta easy because its the audio path. The midi is all used for control and switching etc.

But keys, and my knowledge is awful here, send midi for control and notes.
So something must be… excuse bad wording… splitting the midi from the actual key notes to a synth and the control notes (buttons etc) to control stuff.

I’m reading up today, so hopefully will have a more sensible question later in week.

Oh schamass Id love to but…

He’s an older guy and not up on tech at all to be fair.
Bass player and I have gone the PC route a while back now and he’s just ask if itd work for keys.
rest of band shouted a big ‘YES’ when he asked that :slight_smile:
But tech isnt his strong point. So a slow curve.
I’ve sorted him pcs, usb interface, midi interface etc and am meeting up later this week with him to explain how GP works and have a bit of a go at it.
I’m sure once hes played a bit with it he’ll be well fine at it.
I suppose its tricky starting at basics for something that’s alien at first.

I’ll defo get him on here though once he has a set up in front of him though.
Keep rocking.

Uh, We’re all older guys!

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Well, yeap thats true :slight_smile:

The shouted-out “yea-yea-yea” and “ooh” parts in ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ are available on the Korg Triton keyboard, should you have one in your arsenal. Else, you can purchase the Korg Plugin Bundle, which contains the Triton (VST/AU format).

Although somewhat long in the tooth, it has a ton of éXcellent sampled sounds, along with its great-sounding synth engines.

Yes indeed…I’m one of, if not THE oldest user on this forum. I’ve learned more about MIDI and such during my time here than I have anywhere else. All you have to do is ask and someone has a helpful answer available.


I just turned 70. Been using using MIDI since its introduction in the very early 80’s. Collectively, we can solve pretty much anything MIDI-related.


It seems that everybody here wants to be older than everybody else! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is what a MIDI controller is. It does not have any sounds in it - it just generates MIDI data. These days - most of the keyboards/controllers will be connected to your computer via USB

You plug it in and it instantly generates notes and control events in Gig Performer.
All you have to do is connect the orange pin from MIDI In block in GP to any synth instrument(s) you want. Could be samplers, synths or physical modelling plugins.

I’m 75. I win!

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You kill them all :wink:

Would you post it in the other topic ? Here:

Hi All,
Now I feel super young, I’m only 56 :slight_smile:

Been playing with Kontakt and a few other free synths.
Its wicked !

Got my head around splits and multiple boards etc.
Many thanks all.


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