The youngest and oldest GP community forum member

This slightly off the sync topic is of my own initiative and is probably the least serious of this forum. :upside_down_face:

I am pretty convinced that, like music is, GP is for everybody with ages ranging from 7 to 77 years old and even more! :sunglasses:

Just for fun, I would find amusing to try to higlight it. I noticed in another topic that some users compete to be recognized as the oldest GP users and perhaps we could give the youngest users a chance to express themselves about this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, if you are able to setup your own GP gig file you are eligible and if you also think you could be the youngest or the oldest in the GP community forum, please feel free to give us your year of birth here and enter in the GP age of fame chart: :wink:

GP users in the community forum:

  • possibly youngest GP user in the community forum: @Couack 24 (1996)
  • possibly oldest GP user in the community forum: @kencasino 77 (1943)

Special category for GP users in the community forum with GPScript skills:

  • possibly youngest GPScript user in the community forum: @Couack 24 (1996)
  • possibly oldest GPScript user in the community forum: @pianopaul 59 (1961)

69 (1951)

Not applying for the Special category. I promised myself I’d never write another Excel macro, ever, and I haven’t. All of my professional coding was in assembler and C. Don’t miss that, either. :grin:


Frequent GP user, very rarely GP script user, age 37 (1982).

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Daily GP User, using GP Script in all rackspaces, age 59 (1961)


Frequent GP user, hope to make some scripts one day, age 33 (1987).


(Almost) daily GP user, using quite a number of scripts (also Excel macros :wink: ), age of 53, born in 1966.

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Does the name George Struble mean anything to you?

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Regular GP’er, and I must use GPScript a lot because it knows my age: The answer is 42 :wink:


1950…trying to wrap my head around scripting.

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This means that you have GPScript programming skills and don’t exclusively use GPScripts from others, right?

Right, well, unfortunately not :smirk:
I translated it wrong, and interpreted it as GPScriptUser; my skills are REALLY basic, just at documentation level, and indeed more a user, borrowing from other posts. So, I defo don’t belong on top of the top list :no_mouth: Sorry for the misinterpretation…

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(Almost) daily GP user, over 7000 lines of rackspace script, age 47 (1973).

No good, man. Your ageistic parameters disqualify Joe from using GigPerformer. Please extend the outside ages!

Anyone can use GP regardless of age and nobody is disqualified. Who is Joe and how old is he ?

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You stated “7-77”. Joe is 78 and he’s running for president. I figure he’ll love composing a great new victory song with Gigperformer 3 and so, shouldn’t be excluded from using it. How about 3 to 103?

Ah, this Joe…

“7 to 77 years old and even more!

So Joe could use GP and the younger Donald too! I am quite curious, what they would do with it… :woozy_face:

No, but I’m assuming you mean this guy, professor and publisher of a 360/370 assembler programming book. I started with octal assembler on a PDP-8e (the last one with a wirewrapped motherboard; 32K x 12 of core and a 1 MB 14" platter; a 3-pass paper tape assembler and the everloving TED editor). Used them to control the neutrino beam line at Fermilab.

I learned to program in assembler on the Motorola 6809 and on the Motorola 56000 DSP. I had a lot of fun with that :nerd_face:

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I loved the 6809. Two stacks! Perfect for Forth! But then Motorola hosed me. They stopped work on the 68HC09 (the CMOS version, which I needed for the solar power telemetry products I was designing for Amoco) and diverted all resources to the 68000. Bastidges. I had to switch to the NSC800 (CMOS Z80). Lost that second stack. But I was ready for CP/M when it arrived!

So, of course, I left Amoco for Motorola in '89. :rofl:

EDIT: I now recall that the 6502 was a great little Forth processor.

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Hated that page zero!

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