Sampler player advice needed

Now that my Kronos has been sold, my next step is getting a sampler player that will allow me to add sounds that will come close to covering most of the sounds I used to access on the Kronos. From my investigation so far, it seems like getting a version of Kontakt will be a good base to start with. I’m just a bit confused on whether the free Kontakt Player or the full Kontakt version will be a good start with me. I already have Omnisphere 2, so I’m in no need of cinematic movie score/ambient sound sets. From my take so far, a lot of those type of sounds come with the full version of Kontakt? Currently, I own the SWAM woodwinds, Applied Acoustics Ultra Analog VA, IK Multimedia B3-X and Sonic Projects OPX Pro-II and Pianoteq. Looking at the some of the Native Instrument VSTs, I’m thinking their FM based VST would be a good addition as well as a Clavinet,Wurlitzer VST. Scarbee Rhodes is going to be a definite too. If I recall, Kontakt Player does not play well with many non NI stuff? Also, I would like to acquire a VST that will provide me some orchestral strings without blowing my budget on stuff like Garritan and others that are way more extensive than what I will ever possibly take advantage of. My current musical projects are an Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker tribute(same members), as well as a James Taylor project. My direction also is R&B, funk and most likely a pop type area as well.
I would greatly appreciate any advice regarding all this.

Please could you explain a little bit more what you are looking for?

I’m using NI Kontakt 6 for all kinds of orchestral sounds, strings, brass, choir, together with some 3rd party libraries like Project SAM and so on. Much more is available in the NI Factory library.
And I put all my self-created background loops and FX samples into Kontakt. Using Steinberg Wavelab as sample editor.

Together with Omni 2, this is my backbone for most of my sounds in my cover band. Omni and NI K are a good complementary match. Add some virtual analog synths, B3 emulations and a piano, as you do, and put your Kronos to rest.

Sorry, I thought I was clear… Should I purchase Kontakt or will Kontakt Player work with my current and future library and needs?

Probably purchase Kontakt. Kontakt Player is very restricted, only works with libraries developed by companies who have licensed Kontakt Player.

At some point you’ll want to be able to add your own samples as well.

Ah, ok. I would recommend the full version of Kontakt, too.
Regarding strings, the NI K factory library that comes bundeled with the full version can be blended to really nice arrangements, even without 3rd party libs. But as said, I add Project SAM Orchestral Essentials, which is quite economic for it’s quality. For full string madness, I blend this with Omni 2 Adagio Expressivo or Hollywood Strings …

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