Roland Zenology / Roland Cloud

Hi - anyone using and having success with the Roland Zenology plug-ins / Roland Cloud in Gig Performer? I’m using GP to replace my Fantom, so having access to those sounds would be a big win for me, but seems like I’ve heard there might be some problems with it?

Yes, your Fantom won’t probably requier you to connect the Internet every month to go on working, right?

That’s the main reason why I don’t buy Zenology Pro and a few nice extensions…

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I actually started my free trial membership some days ago and as far as i can say, there is no issue until now - except from the point that @David-san already mentioned: You’ll have to be connected to the internet every now and then, so that the plugins can refresh their activation.
If that’s not a problem for you, i don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t at least try it.
I really like their sounds!

Unfortunately, me too! :confused:

I confirm the nuisance to check online every now and then. I have no Roland hardware.
I bought pro subscription: thin means Zenology with editing features.
Sounds are really nice, editing is complete.
Some JD800 patch are really powerful.
I have some racks with those. Top quality.
I will probably pay subscription for one more year.
I chose D50 lifetime license (one VST is included in pro subscription). I chose that way because other Roland synths are well emulated by other brands.

Yes, but even for lifetime keys, you have to be at least once per month online. Other synth brands like Korg made it possible to use their plugins without this constraint. It is potentially a random time bomb that can cause chaos on stage. Because, no! The only concern of a stage musician is not to remember to reactivate the Roland licenses before going on stage.

You are right. I totally agree with you.
I have the full Korg collection and it’s much better from this point of view

OK - so downloaded and am running the “trial” for 30 days. Very happy so far. It gets me all the Fantom sounds I know, love, and had been using which will make my cut-over much easier. As far as having to log-on every 30 days - no biggie - I got this thing on the internet all the time doing something (audio vst related - other computer for general work). Sounds are great - wish I had done this before shelling out for the Triton Extreme plugs, which have been a disappointment so far. I’m sure I can find a few sounds in there to use … sigh …

Only downside so far? No Reverb LOL! Oh well - I’ve got multiple good reverbs to use. Also - if it has a multi-mode - I haven’t found it yet. May have to use multiple instances. It seems light on CPU so far.

I think I’m a few weeks further down the track you are on, Ken, and I’m finding Zenology very versatile to replace my Fantom for live work and also covering many bases the Kronos (which seems even heavier than the Fantom!) was covering too. I was initially concerned about needing to be online often to authenticate the plugins but was just one of the group of people who asked Roland to make some changes, which they did, extending the interval period to monthly. For me personally, it turns into a non-issue as we rehearse in my studio most weeks meaning the kit will be regularly switched on when connect to the internet.

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Hi Dave … I know this isn’t the zenology Forum LOL, but do you have any idea how to set the midi Channel that the instrument receives on?

I’m not entirely sure you can or need to. If you need to route a specific midi channel from your controller to it, you can probably just use the “Channel mappings” section of the “MIDI In” block that feeds midi to Zenology Pro.


I usually ensure my stage laptop is online at least once a month for necessary updates anyway and I use the time to undertake housekeeping tasks (like backup!). A little bit of a pain, but saves a world of pain getting on stage and finding out you need a wifi connection and then to find lovely Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates coming down (though you can turn them off).