Roland Duo Capture Crashes ST3


So… I’m trying to use my Roland Duo Capture-EX. First, I know… Roland drivers are terrible, and yes I’d love an RME, but it’s all I got.

I’m trying to work with IK support, but it’s slow going. Trying to see if someone here has some help.

Here’s what I’ve done: I run SampleTank 3 (either VST2 or 3) in GP2, midi is coming through the audio interface, no audio-in, audio out is routed through the Roland Duo Capture EX.

I’ve used both the UA-22 driver that Windows automatically finds (matches the latest on Roland’s website) and I’ve tried the ASIO4all WDM wrapper.

I’ve ran at various buffer sizes, and stuck to 44.1 since it’s easier on the CPU. I’ve never gone below 256 samples (IK says that ST3 won’t support under 144 anyways), and above 512 really isn’t playable. Heck… even 512 is really annoying. I have adjusted power settings and disabled the USB suspend setting.

Regardless, here’s what happens: I pull up the main piano sound (about 1.2 gb into RAM) and at some point – which seems random sometimes and sometimes happens when I crush a bunch of notes together in quick smears, GP crashes with a hung-over buzzing sound that ONLY goes away when the interface is turned off. Then I have to reboot to have GP recognize the interface. To be fair, the stand-alone crashes everything too. This isn’t necessarily a GP issue… but I had similar crashes happen while testing Blue3… that got me thinking maybe it’s linked to the interface?

The event viewer calls out a Sample Tank 3.vpa file as the culprit… but I’m finding that hard to believe. I used ST3 the other day with the built-in sound card running ASIO4all w/o issue – granted at a latency that I find hard to swallow.

I just reinstalled SampleTank3 and re-authorized it (which wasted an authorization) at the suggestion of IK. It didn’t help.

  1. Is there any kind of crash reporting in GP or with another reporting program that would help point me in the right direction?
  2. Anybody get a roland device to work on WIN10?
  3. I’ve read out low-level driver conflicts; but whenever I uninstall the Roland driver, Windows automatically reinstalls it. When I do it offline and reconnect the interface, GP cannot see it. Is this an indication of a non class-compliant device which usb cannot pick up?
  4. What am I missing?

Any help you all can give me is appreciated. I’m on my last nerves with this one. I love the Swiss army knife sounds that ST can offer, and the iRig Pads integration… but this isn’t even close to stable enough to try in a rehearsal, much less on the stage.



You should have a look to this post.

If you are testing with Blue3, take care that ST3 is not loaded by the predictive loading.