Using JBridge with GP


I may have found a way to use plugins that are normally unstable under GP, namely Sampletank 3 and ArtsAcoustic BigRock.

Sampletank 3 causes occasional GP crashes, and BigRock crashed GP every time when trying to load it.

So I tried bridging the 64 bit versions of these plugins using JBridge, and so far I’ve seen no crashes.

Hopefully this is a fix. Time will tell.


I’m a little confused — Gig Performer only works with 64-bit plugins. JBridge is designed to allow 32-bit plugins to run under a 64-bit host (32 Lives does the same thing for Mac) so I’m not sure what it means to bridge the 64-bit version.

I’m not really surprised about Sampletank — I’ve seen that thing crash on lots of hosts but what is ArtsAcoustic BugRock? Have you reported the crash to whoever makes that plugin?


BigRock is effectively abandonware, despite the ArtsAcoustic website still having it for sale.There are loads of bug reports, but no development for years now. However, it’s a great vintage phaser when it works.

Jbridge can be used to bridge 32 bit to 64bit hosts, but also 64 - 64 bit which I understand puts the plugin into a separate memory space from the host.


I was also able to run the Broomstick Bass demo VST with Jbridge in GP. It’s an alternative to Promised but as yet undeveloped compliment to the wonderful JamStix “intelligent drummer” plugin by Rayzoon


To Keytarman -I also have Broomstick Bass and would be keen to hear how you are using it.


So far I have only tested that the Demo works in GP with JBridge. I had planed to use it live for simple “style” emulation with the keytar using single notes in the bottom octave for alternating 5ths, arpeggiated patterns and whatever else it can manage. There are only a couple of styles in the demo - are the rest of them at least as good as an accompaniment PSR keyboard?