Roland cloud plugins causing crash

I got an reply:

Thanks for contacting us. The plug-ins don’t try to connect to the internet–they talk to the RCM Service, which checks for a network connection. If there isn’t one, then the plug-in goes into the offline grace period of 30 days. This is not an issue for other plug-in hosts that we’ve tested.

Roland Cloud lifetime keys provide ongoing access to a virtual instrument or expansion (soundpack, wave expansion, model expansion, etc.) for a one-time purchase. No ongoing membership is required. You’ll still authorize using the same on-line method as with a membership, and the authorization is still good for 30 days of offline use.

After that I found what my problem was:

Hi Travis,

I think, I found the issue. As I stripped down my Live system for all “unnecesarry” services , RCMService.exe was disabled as startup service. After activating the service again, and restarting my System without internet connection the crashes did not appear anymore. I found it strange though, that even with the service disabled, if the computer is connected to the internet, there were no Crashes…

Regarding the authorization model, it would be nice if the plugin or maybe better even RCMService would notify you a few days before the 30 days expire. Things that you need todo once every 30 days, are the things that get easely forgotten, and then you end up having a big issue on a live gig, where no intenet is available.
Just a thought :blush:

Besides that, I know a lot of performers that don’t buy / get the subsciption for Roland Cloud products, because of this authorization mechanism. When Roland could come up with another solution for this, there would be a lot more customers for the Cloud products.