RMI Electra Piano?

Anyone have a good RMI Electra Piano (not harpsichord) they can recommend?

Looking for that faithful sound Steve Winwood uses on the Empty Pages electric piano solo. True vintage electric piano, no velocity sensitivity required.

I have the Arturia collection and a Rhodes gets close but I’m looking for something spot on.

Here are two options:


I have them both, but prefer the Vintage Progressive samples (both are for Kontakt). I play keys in a Genesis tribute, so I’m not familiar with the sound you’re looking for.

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Take a Look at pianoteq or sampleson

Thanks @billw I figured someone with some Genesis or Yes song experience would know.

Here’s the sound I am after, link is cued up to the solo on the RMI Electra: Traffic - Empty Pages (1970) - YouTube

I have Kontakt Player, not the full version. Do you know if either of these plugins work property with Kontakt Player? The Vintage Progressive says “with limitations imposed by NI” but I don’t know what that really means.

I wonder if the Model T has this sound?

I have SampleTank4 and apparently there is an old ST library of Genesis sounds which included an RMI Electra Piano… but I can not find it anywhere.

I have sampled a RMI Electra 386X in wav and sfz for reproducing the old Genesis sounds.
Other formats are possible.
Size 3.2 mb zipped, royalty free.

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@stoffel is that something you can share? What sample player VST would that work in?

It’s for free and I would upload it on my HP. Which format do you need?

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If you’d like to use the sfz format:
Choose your weapon: :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses:

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@Stoffel I’ll give the .sfz a try. Thank you!

RMI Electra 368X
Have fun! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@lostin70s, could this be something for Key’s of the 70s?

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Yes of course, starting from the wav i can add it to the key. @Stoffel can you share the wav also ? Do I got your autorisation to include it to the key sample bank ?

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Velvet 2 from air instruments have usable simulations of RMI things.
It’s cheap and not bad, frequent discounts on Plugin Boutique.
One warning: producer is not fast to follow OS evolution, if you are on Mac, check before buying.


Were these samples taken with ‘organ mode’ on? They have infinite ‘sustain’ and having never played an RMI I don’t know if their piano/harpsichord sounds are continuous or momentary with decay normally?

I can’t say as these samples sound like what I have heard on that Traffic song or Genesis songs where the RMI was used… they are very sawtooth sounding?

It doesn’t look like they have an actual RMI though. RMI Electra was a real ‘electric’ piano, it didn’t use reeds or tines like Wurlis, Rhodes or the Honer did.

It’s kind of funny… I’m on a quest to find what is a very ‘bad’ sounding keyboard but it has a sound like nothing else in it’s own way.

Here’s the best demo of an RMI I can find, Genesis fans rejoice:

It doesn’t seem to have the infinite sustain that the samples provided here have until the organ mode switch is flipped down (as in the example of In The Cage) .

The sound I am looking for is close to his third example where he has the Piano and the Harpsichord enabled.

I use this (RMI Electrapiano) for my Genesis songs that need the RMI.

Thanks @dhj. It only runs in Kontakt Player in demo mode… I don’t have full Kontakt, was trying to find something less pricey. I’ll give the demo a whirl though.


OK — unfortunately I think Kontakt is a “must-have” for almost every keyboard player — there are just so many third party instruments available for it, you could almost do an entire show with just Kontakt.