Rme baby face pro

What’s everyone’s thoughts on rme baby face pro along with gig Performer? Or is there better options?

Did you see the long discussion here?

Definitely a good option.

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Thanks will check that out

I’ve been using one for a little over a year now. I’m very satisfied after trying a few lower priced ones and having various problems. I decided to see what the money would buy…I’m pleased.

And by the way the last and improved version is called « Babyface Pro FS ».

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I’ve been using a Babyface Pro with my Windows system for three or four years. Very pleased with it.

Only thing I’d say is to make sure you’re comfortable with the number of IO ports. In practice, you have one stereo pair of outs (xlr) + headphone outs. If you’re not using headphones you could use the headphone outs (there’s both a 1/4" and 1/8" TRS) as unbalanced line outs. I only mention it because a lot of other options in that price range have a lot more analog IO. But if you ever do need to expand, it has an ADAT I/O to any of the 8 analog IO to ADAT pre’s.

If I were looking for something purely for stage use (not that I really do that) I’d probably lean more toward a rack-style unit, where you could get a lot more IO flexibility and the Babyface’s physical design might not be particularly helpful.

But I’m using mine purely in a “desktop” use environment, and from a usability position it’s hands down the most pleasant to use audio interface I have ever had. I have the XLR outs connected to studio monitors and the headphone outs to headphones. It’s a lot more pleasant to reach over and adjust the big (assignable) wheel for volume than grabbing a little volume knob or having to adjust through software on a lot of other interfaces. It’s also easy to find desk space for it. (Compared to something with a rackmount form factor.)

RME is also great about supporting drivers more or less forever, and if you ever do need help with something their user forum is great and you’ll always get quick and helpful responses (even if it sometimes comes with a touch of “did you read page 173 or the manual?” brusque German attitude.)

That’s why I rather chose the Fireface UCX. But I suppose @simusix2 already checked the BabyFace IO in detail.