Which audio interface should I buy ? (Live Use + Recording)

Hello guys,
I have to soon take a good sound interface, I currently have the Steinberg UR22 (mk1), and I highly suppose that’s not very good, especially considering I’m a gigging musician.
I want to use a good audio interface for two things :
1- playing gigs with Gig Performer and plenty of vsts.
2- record some of my acoustic piano and maybe add effects on acoustic piano in live.

I find the UAD interface too expensive, I don’t think I need that but I’m not sure.
Maybe the Apogee Element 46 ?
What do you think I should take ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would prefer a used RME…

I would go for this one, which is the one I use:

Or eventually this one (however the price is suspicious):

It is usually more:

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Thank you very much ! I think I maybe need 4 input (mic)

Here you have:

Thank you very much ! Apparently the guy says in the description that it is not a sound interface to take out if the studio, so I guess it’s still not for me :slight_smile:
Have you heard of presonus ?
Otherwise one another forum (http://forums.musicplayer.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/3050018#Post3050018), people say that Steinberg IS very good and I will not really be able to tell the difference.

Steinberg interfaces are good. I’ve owned a UR22, UR44, UR824, and I currently use a UR816C. Latency numbers are good, the pre-amps are decent.

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If I remember well @dhj and @pianopaul are touring with it.

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Well, it’s a 19“ rack unit so it’s not optimal for just throwing it in a small backpack. But if you have a rack anyway, it’s really great. I’ve used a UFX for gigs in the past and it was a breeze :slight_smile: Rugged and high quality hardware, rock solid drivers, internal PSU, lots of options for MIDI and monitoring (and of course: great sound).

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What about this one ? https://m.thomann.de/gb/steinberg_ur44c.htm

Yes, but when you start to need more than two microphones, I think you are no more in a backpack trip :wink:

Really, really noticeable when blind comparing on a piano sound.

At the time I looked for an audio interface, I had several from Thomann.de in test and I didn’t want to buy the UCX because it was by far the more expensive. But after the blind comparison test, it was very clear that I had to break my piggy bank… :grimacing:

I tour with an RME UFX

So, one less thing to worry about!

Hehehe ! So expensive :frowning:

Unfortunately… a bit, yes!

Is this really necessary ?
I mean…It’s better to have a Steinway or Fatzioli, but if you have a nice Yamaha C3 well tuned that’s very great !
Of course there is more that magic on Steinway and Fatzioli…
It’s hard to put so much money on this if there is just a slight difference in sound, especially to play live, the sound for the audience is quite often not so great, even in some festivals.
If I record an album it’s in studio, and the studio will have the best stuff.
Don’t you think ?

I personally think, you should do what you think. Order two or three candidates from Thomann and keep what works for you…

(The Apogee you looked is at €775, the used RME UFX at €1000 before negociation, it is not really like comparing the price of a C3 with the one of a B211.)


The Steinberg UR44C will serve you quite well, for a fraction of the cost of those others. It’s important to look at what each unit gives vs. what you’ll use. If you don’t need things like word clock sync or optical in/outs, it makes little sense to get a unit that has them. No need paying for features you won’t use.

Edit: I just hooked up my old UR44 (non USB-C version) to my laptop. These were the latency numbers from GP @ 256 samples.

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I have a Steinberg UR22C (only 2 inputs) and couldn’t be happier. It supports USB 3.0 and sounds great for a fraction of the cost of the RME.

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I can recommend the focusrite scarlett series. I use the 18i8 2nd gen.
It’s small enough for a backpack, is not crazy expensive, has enough extra inputs, and is a sound and reliable interface.
With the latest driver update, it now also supports multiclient use, if necessary.

I’ve been using this interface for quite some time, works great.

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I have a steinberg UR22 MKII: it is affordable and it works great.
But, as I said in another topic, it have not a multiclient asio driver and I regret my choice.

Last issue: I needed using differents sounds while playing a file in the audio player. Using 2 instances is the easier way to do it. As a result, I had to create multiples widgets in several variations to achieve the same purpose.

I do not know for other products, but think first about it if you plan to use multiple GP instances or applications.

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