Right Clicking context menu disappears fast after popping up in Wiring panel (Mac M1)

Searched through the forums quite a bit for this. Couldn’t seem to find anything related to this problem.

Was working on a practice rackspace for one of my band members to practice piano, down in our studio…where this Mac lives. (As it is our studio computer as well as live rig) And this glitchy annoyance reared it’s head yet again! So I thought while it’s fresh in mind I’d mention it. I know the workarounds and the keyboard shortcuts. So it is firmly an annoyance. It doesn’t impact the programs usage or purpose in anyway. I’ve pretty much just learned to deal with it since I bought the laptop and installed GP4 on it. Yes, it’s been a while.

The “glitch” I’m finding is ONLY in the wiring tab. Regardless of the plugin I choose, AU or VST/VST2/VST3. Heck, it even does it for the built in GP objects. Regardless, if I’m right clicking on the audio objects, midi, anything.

If I’m trying to right click for any reason on anything in that wiring editing window. The context popup menu just blinks in and back out of existence. Within less than a millisecond. Sometimes, it doesn’t blink…sometimes nothing happens at all! Sometimes, it works perfectly fine, and I can access the options in the context menu. Sometimes, I can spam the right click mouse button as fast as I can click, and cause it to pop-up and stay. Although, it’s a very random that trick ever works. (Leading me to believe it’s on some kind of cyclic pattern)

It’s never a thought or factor in playing live. ONLY if we visit the wiring page. (Which we’ve never had to do LIVE, It’s one of the things I love about GP) Upon loading GP everything works great. In fact everything always works great…concerning the program itself.

We use a 2021 Macbook Pro M1 32gb RAM. Currently running the latest version of OSX Ventura 13.2.1. Just upgraded that, seeing if it would fix it…nope. Stayed the same. (We’re on a break from live shows at the moment, so It’s the perfect time to upgrade things and play with settings.)

Running an RME UFX+ as the in home studio interface, running on USB 3.0 (Due to RME’s Thunderbolt 4 issues), Using a Behringer X32 Rack as the stage interface running on USB 2.0. Does the same thing…on both. The Behringer X32 setup has FAR less stuff plugged in to the laptop, leading me to assume, it has nothing to do with a USB interfaces.

Ableton is used for our set-listing, tracks, midi triggering, Lighting control etc. Although I have attempted to edit on the wiring page with no other programs running and nothing else plugged it. Including the interfaces. The glitch persists.

I’m running the lastest version of GP. Always run the latest version. This problem has been going on since I bought the laptop in 2021. Never addressed it. Because again, it’s not a BIG deal. As I edit our rackspaces on a Windows PC. And they perform flawlessly.

The program is NOT running in a rosetta emulation mode. (Just confirmed that as I wasn’t even sure)

Here is a video link of me TRYING to right click.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong here.

Hi @RBTitus, are you using the built-in trackpad of you MacBook or a mouse and which model?

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Logitech MX Anywhere 2s Running off of the USB dongle while in the studio.

Trackpad whilst at shows. But, we tend not to edit stuff at shows.

I don’t own a Mac, but perhaps this could help?

Is your issue identical with the mouse and with the trackpad?

Also if you have BetterSnapTool installed, remove it and try again.

I am on Mac M1 and I do not face the issue.
Can use trackpad or external mouse, no issue.

The same here (MacBook Pro M1), no issue with trackpad or mouse.

I’ll check to see which snap tool I have installed when I get home. Because I DO have one. It MAY be THAT snap tool that’s causing the problem.

Using the keyboard shortcut for right clicking on a Mac works perfectly fine, if I’m using the trackpad. And even if I hit CTRL and right click with the mouse. It works fine.

Leading me toward @David-san hypothesis.

What did you discover?

BetterSnapTool is indeed the conflicting program! And Gig Performer is (you guessed it) the only one that it conflicts with! :man_shrugging:

The problem being is, I rely on BetterSnapTool for just about every other program I use when the laptop isn’t being used on stage.

Contacted the dev who created BetterSnapTool and let them know of the conflict. Specifically with gig performer, as I have tried it with every other DAW & DVW that I own (which is quite a few) as well as 5 of my various other editing softwares. Gig performer is the only one that has that right click conflict, when coupled with BetterSnapTool.

His reply to me indicates that it MAY have something to do with the “overlay layer level” that the right click menu manifests on, within the GP software. As I can right click outside of the GP window and the standard Mac right click appears no issue.

Of course BetterSnapTool’s representative is not willing to look into the coding conflict, maintaining that their “software is 100% Mac compliant”. And I doubt the devs for gig performer would be willing to look into it either as their software is as well. It’s not the Macbook’s fault that 2 disparate 3rd party apps conflict.

I can still use the better snap tool which I use 90% of the time, but I have to close out that particular program. Whenever I want to edit settings and use right click in gig performer, on my Mac.

Basically traded an unknown annoyance for a known one. C’est la vie, better to know than not know.

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Hmm, I wonder what that’s supposed to mean?

As it happens, I used to run that tool myself but I had too many problems with it with other applications and dumped it a long time ago.

As I interpreted, that was a fancy way of saying “it’s not our problem”. Which…fair enough!

Have you found an alternative method to snap/organize windows that you use? Or did you just say forget it and deal. Which I’d be willing to entertain, if I didn’t have 3 screens going, when in the studio.

If GP was the only software that BetterSnapTool is in conflict with, I would not have found the information that BetterSnapTool is the culprit for your right click problem. It is because other BetterSnapTool users have complained about other conflicting software that I was able to make this diagnosis. You are the first to have encountered BetterSnapTool’s conflict with GP.

No, I don’t organize windows much, I also have multiple screens with high resolution and I just use my trackpad to move things as I need them

I had this issue in July 2023, and indeed I use BetterSnap - thank you for the post and solution! I recently converted from Windows to Mac and was frustrated at the lack of window snap on the Mac. Would love a snapping alternative that does not impact the right click!

Have a look here:


Yesssss!! This is amazing, free, and it works! My positive energy for every day forward just lifted, thank you!



I’m setting up a new Mac Mini M2pro and I am having this right click glitch. I do not have Better Touch Tool installed. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should look for? I do use duet display.

What happens if you disable duet display?


I booted up in safe mode and it still happens. I was trying to edit Rig Manager and I couldn’t get the menu to add “Responds to Midi Clock”