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All new to Gigperformer and quite curious to find the best way to handle audio interfaces. I play using 3 different interfaces. One for home practice, another at band rehersal and a third when gigging. The first two are identical (scarlett solo), but during conserts I use the mixer (soundcraft) directly. It seems it has to adjust each time i switch, and then I have to load the profile, increasing load times. Is there not a way to abstract it into the Rig manager or is there some smarter things todo?

You can save and load the audio configuration

One thing you can do, aside from using the Rig Manager, is to not use an individual audio out block in each rackspace but rather send the audio from each rackspace to the global rackspace and then use only one audio out block there. That way you’d only have to change your audio interface’s output representation in only one place, which will make things much easier to handle!


Does this help? Workflow when using multiple interfaces at different times - #3 by David-san


An other option is to set up different instances of GP and configure these with different interfaces :wink:

Are you on macOS or Windows?

I typically use AppleScript and the Script menu to start a dedicated instance of GP (also for this reason) at home :slight_smile:

BTW: which soundcraft are you using?

I use an Ui24R in Band context, therefore I did an aggregated device where I put my main audio interface in front (it’s always with me or at home) and the Ui24R. I just route the GP output to the desired UI24R inputs in parallel.
Downside: At home I have to confirm virtual channels…

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I’ll try it out with Global Rack connections. Seems to be the way, but I would still have to load the audio configuration each time. I was hoping to avoid too much to do, because it eventually lead to forgetting stuff :slight_smile:

Yes, we use UI24R, and the idea of an aggregate device (Yes on macOS) could be a way. I’ll see if I can make it work.

Thaks for all suggestions and links.

Using multiple instances is another approach.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

I appreciate this thread - I (a GP Newbie) have Gen 1 Focusrite 2i2s hardwire-plumbed into the static back-at-base rig and a free-standing 4i4 for live so it’s great to have these ideas abut how to have both provided for in the most efficient way. Thanks all!

I’ve had this thought as well. What if GP allowed you to ID and name audio I/O like MIDI I/O? Basically extending the flexibility of Rig Manager to audio.

My home interface has different inputs on the front then my gig interface. So I have to remember to switch certain inputs. But if gig performer allowed me to simply name INs i.e. Vox 1 and Vox 2 instead of Input 1 and Input 2 at home and having to switch to Input 7/8 at gigs things would be simpler.

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