Workflow when using multiple interfaces at different times

Hi - I currently switch between multiple audio interfaces on Gig Performer 4 (not aggregate) on Mac.

Each time I load my set, I have to re assign the I/O on my interface. Is there a way to save my project so it correctly routes to each of my interfaces so I don’t need to create a new Gig for each interface, and adjust each one every time I make a change?


You can save your Audio Configuration, then switch your Audio Interface and then reload the configuration.

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Hi @GeometryGod, welcome to the GP community forum.

Do these links help for your use case? If not, please, tell us more… :wink:


I like the idea of sending rackspace outputs to global and then to the audio interface. I started doing that for some access to global FX and for a master metering plugin for when I want to check that rackspaces are fairly level with each other. But glad to see there’s another benefit of it in case I switch up interfaces

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I started to do that at a time when I thought about changes that could occur in the future (e.g. replacement of my audio interface, having to send separate tracks for each synth plugins to a FOH engineer or whatever). And these changes started to happen and I was happy not to have to repatch each local Rackspace. Now I even have a GP 32-Mixer plugin in the Global Rackspace that I use to mix my different plugins located in the local Rackspaces. This way it was quite easy to add a single piece of GPScript in the Global Rackspace to control this 32-Mixer from my control surface which already controls the digital mixer of my RME audio interface. In fact, I don’t use Fx in the Global Rackspace, but with this architecture I could easily decide to do it in the future.

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