Different Audio Devices? Import your saved Global Rackspace!

I have a UAD Apollo and a WING both connected to different computers

On the UAD I use
Input 1 Electric
Input 2 Acoustic and MIDI Guitar
Output 1-2 Electric, Acoustic, Synth, Other
Output 3-4 Acoustic
Output 5-6 Synth
Output 7-8 Other

On the WING
Input 3 Electric
Input 4 Acoustic and MIDI
Output 11-12 Electric
Output 13-14 Acoustic
Output 15-16 Synth/Other

All are in the Global Rackspace

Right now, I either have to bring up the Gig file and rewire it or save as a separate file which is fine until the main file changes.

But there is an easier solution. Save your Global Rackspace from each audio device and when you tweak your main gig file, just bring it up on the other computer and import the Global Rackspace you saved. Widgets all work too!!

Thanks @David-san !