Recommendations for Guitar Amp / Cab-Sim VSTs?

Hi out there!
Since i also (try to) play guitar from time to time, i am looking for a decent VST which sounds really good and which is also affordable. I downloaded and tried “S-GEAR” from Scuffham Amps:
I think that a price of 129€ is still OK for what i have heard from using the trial version, because i instantly liked the concept and the sound too…

But maybe there are other suggestions from you?

My favorite is Amplitube

You could try Plugin Alliance

I’ve been using TH3 from Overloud. It is aimed squarely at guitarists and seems to be very low latency

TH3 is great, i also use S-Gear. i have a couple of the Plugin Alliance amps too, and also the Blue Cat Destructor can make some awesome sounds!

Some good recommendations!

If you’d like something simpler, I’d highly recommend Kuassa amp sims by Dimitar Nalbantov.

Vermilion sits well in mixes. Creme is nice, but more difficult to mix. The new Caliburn sounds great, but I haven’t tried it in a mix yet. Each also comes with a standalone app (great for a quick woodshed session, without having to load GP or your DAW).

Kuassa website

Vermilion demo

Dimitar demoing Caliburn

I bought TH3 three weeks ago due to David’s recommendation. I don’t really need the amp simulations but I love the effects. There are only two things that bother me which are a) switching on/off single effects makes some clicks and pops. I don’t know if it’s a bug or by design but if I want to learn a widget to it, it’s not really usable during a song … and b) you can’t MIDI learn one controller to multiple destinations. So you can’t use the modwheel to control tremolo amount and chorus amount at the same time. Of course this is possible when using GP widgets and host automation (what I usually do, but simple MIDI learn is faster so quick tests).

Apart from that I can really recommend it. They had a New Year’s sale at Overloud / ilio / Thomann which unfortunately is over now.

There has to be something else going on there. Makes no sense that effects would make noise when switching them on or off. I haven’t experienced any such noises myself.

Just got the announcement:

Slate Digital adds OVERLOUD TH-U to their bundle.

Really? Okay, that’s good to know. Will check that again and see what’s wrong there…

Thank you all for your suggestions! :+1::beers:
But i think, i actually will stick with S-Gear… i like the concept, i like the sound and i like the price for the complete package that i get.
TH3 seems to be very good too, but i won’t use the guitar-VST so intensely to spend so much money for it.
I guess, the other plugins may be a bit too specialized… i still don’t know exactly what i actually ‘need’ - so i’d prefer a more universal solution.
Thanks again!

TH-U was officially released today, and with it comes great introductory pricing until Feb 28:

Some cool additions:

  • Rig Player (with 20 factory rigs) – reproduces rig models created by sampling real studio and stage setups
  • Amp Tweaks – modify amplifiers by changing preamp and poweramp tubes, as well as simulating the action of a variac
  • Built-in convolver to load external guitar cab IRs

If you don’t need all 92 amps, 52 cabinets, and 77 effects you could try one of the editions like TH-U Rock, Metal, or Funk and R&B:

These editions are just $69 right now and have the full functionality of TH-U with a selected amount of amps, cabs and effects. You can also try them for free and see how you like them first:

A lot of money for bassists. Very little love in the update. Couple of amps. Couple of cabs. BFD.

And once again, no upgrade path for peeps like me who have a TH3-Cakewalk license (much more complete than any of the genre-specific editions). Grrrrr.

Next time I’m in Modena, Italy… :laughing:

:grin: it’s true TH-U is heavily geared toward guitarists, but if bass is your thing they also have Mark Studio 2!

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I’m a big fan of Kazrog Thermionik. I think it has a reputation for being a high gain, metal focused plugin suite, but I’m pretty much low gain all the time and love it - the AC30 model is just sweet! You get a good selection of amps and - personally- the fact each amp is its own plugin works really well with GP I think. You get a good Can IR plugin in there as well.

The plugins are low CPU usage and sound great so it’s what I’m sticking with for now and highly recommend it! The developer has announced a highly updated version should be coming later this year as well.

As i mentioned above i bought a license of S-Gear and i am quite happy with it so far… :sunglasses:

Ah sorry. Totally missed that!

No problem… maybe your suggestion is helpful for other people?!
So if anybody wants to continue discussing this topic, please feel free to do so and don’t consider this thread as ‘closed’ (even though i already have found my favourite software).

Are all the guitar processing sims mentioned in this thread in a different league than Amplitube 4? I always though Amplitube sounded quite nice :sunglasses:
I use MusicLab’s RealStrat into Amplitube to make electric guitar tracks.

I don’t think so - to be honest, any I have tried have all sounded pretty good to my ears! A lot of the time it comes down to amp choice and the GUI rather than ultimate quality.