Rebel Yell lead sound (arpeggio)

First off, apologies if this kind of question doesn’t live here. Just let me know.
That aside, does anyone here know how to create the lead sound used on Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’? (The one that starts about 6 seconds in). I’ve read that its a Prophet 5 + Oberheim OB-Xa but can’t for the life of me get it.

I play that song.
You mean that sound which is played after the drum fills?
I am using Omnisphere for this

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Just to ask… wouldn’t this question (and answers) be better moved over to the “Sound Design” sub forum? :nerd_face:


Yep, it’s there now.


For me the TAL-U-NO-LX 2 does the job.
It’s a sound from the Juno Factory Bank:

Derek Sherinian uses live at Rock am Ring a Korg Triton extreme.

I play that song and use the Korg Triton extreme VST.

Much more interesting for me are the other sounds, that are used. I found this

with a link to a YouTube Video of the Synth Track. But live I can’t play all of this sounds, so I prefer to play it in the way of Derek Sherinian.

Thanks pianopaul, but it’s actualy the phrase that begins very near the start - only 6 seconds into the song.

Hi Stoffel and SirTommes - I don’t have either of those VSTs but will have a look into them both now.

What??? There’s a Sound Design sub on this forum? The possibilities are endless! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


I just use a vibes type bell patch. Listening now it is not technically the same as the recording (less “synthy”), but have gotten compliments for it. I’ll keep it.


A simple Marimba like sound should do the job. Nearly every synthesizer (plugin) has one or more.
On Korg Kronos I used such a sound and it was very close to the original for me.

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If you have Arturia V Collection, this is a great preset bank for their OP-Xa plugin. I just picked up their entire Arturia preset collection to help save me time picking sounds

The preset is called Rebel Yell Seq and it’s very close to the original


Thanks amosdef. Purchased this today and it’s the closest yet. Requires some tweaking, but overall, a really nice collection. Good recommendation!

Glad it worked for you. One of the big pluses for using VSTs live are a much bigger/cheaper source of presets to purchase, saving lots of sound designing time. With the Kronos, there were great sound designers out there, but the cost was steep and the sound/sample management of the Kronos seemed to rely a lot on some of the old Oasys UI/code and was less than user friendly

Do you know many others for famous songs? :face_with_monocle:

I’m just starting to get into looking, but if you go to and search for “tribute”, you’ll see their free collections of famous song presets from various artists. Some good ones in there.

Sorry, I couldn’t find it… :thinking:

Hi @David-san, there are about 39 Tribute preset packs on that page; however, they are not free. A few are free, I’m not certain how many. If you do a Control-F in your browser, you can search the page for “Tribute” to find them easier. :slight_smile: There are over 80 free preset packs on that page, but of those, I don’t know if you would think they were “famous song presets.” I guess “famous” is rather subjective in this context. :smile:

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Sorry,I misremembered that they were free. I picked up a bunch during a sale, so they were not expensive.

I was referring to the individual preset packs that had the band name and Tribute added. From what I remember, there is Toto, Lady Gaga, Pink Floyd, Prince among some of the ones I picked up

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No worries, our Amish friend, at my age, I misremember all the time. :joy: :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:

You are correct, those famous artist packs are there for about $14.99 each I believe. It would be great to pick them up on something like a Black Friday sale.

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That was likely when I grabbed a bunch. It seems they run that 50% off sale at least 2x a year.