Song specific patch banks

There are users (like the one from the recent FB discussion) that don’t want to spend much time tweaking their plugins to match the sounds of songs they want to cover. They are interested in having “song specific” patches in bundles that work like “buy and play”.

I figured out that it may be useful to have this thread so these users get quickly get started.

A nice starting point are plugins such as Arturia V Collection that offer “famous sound” patch banks. A fair number of sounds is free - LINK

Sonic Projects OP-X comes with a bank of famous sounds - LINK.

What would you suggest? :slight_smile:

One more recommendation for Arturia → LINK


I like this idea. I know that there are many talented keyboardists out there that almost go blind when confronted with 40,000 knobs and switches and tend to go with their keyboards’ stock settings. This idea could get them in the door to possibly see how creating new and exciting sounds is actually accomplished.

I’m assuming this would be a sub-section of our Community Shared Gigs & Patches?

If you look in the Arturia link provided and search for “Tribute”, you’ll quickly find all of their preset packs that would be of use to someone looking to cover various artists. It’s still a good idea to learn a little about customizing your own sounds, but can be a great starting point

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Just this single thread. :slight_smile:

Any tutorials about specific patches should go in separate threads :slight_smile:

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