Random glitches in Audio File Player

Hi there. I’m currently using GP on a production of the Sound of Music. I use 1 instance for keyboard sounds (going through a Scarlett 4i4) and another instance for backing tracks and samples (going through a Roland Octa Capture). I’m having a problem where I will play a backing track and it will be fine for a couple of days and then, out of nowhere, when I’ll play it one day, it will skip for a fraction of a second in the middle of the file (it stops with no sound for a fraction of a second). I’m using the Audio File Player for this and it also happened to me once with a 3rd party sampler on the same instance of GP. I really don’t know what could be causing this… I installed the right drivers for the Octa Capture (it was my first time using it) and my PC is using 1% of its CPU so the problem doesn’t seem to lie in its performance. Do you have any ideas of what the problem could be? All the files it’s reading are on my SSD. Thank you!

There’s no magic here. By itself, if GP is working fine for days, it’s not suddenly going to fail by itself. Something else is interfering with the file read — perhaps an Anti Virus program doing real-time monitoring? Or some other process occasionally starting up…

Can you please provide us with the exact computer brand name and specs?

Windows can be quirky at times. You might want to follow these guidelines to ensure that everything is optimized for audio.

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Interesting. I had the same exact experience with a brand new Roland Octacapture 1010 I had purchased a few months ago. After spending a week trying to determine what was causing that I replaced it with a Behringer 1820 and no more problems. I couldn’t replicate the issue either with a smaller Focusrite I had and as far as I was able to determine it was something unique to the Octacapture and W11. It might be worthwhile trying a different interface if possible to see if it has the same problem.


I changed the Octacapture for a MOTU Ultralite MK5 and 3 days in, I didn’t run into any problems ! Thank you :slight_smile:

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