[Rackspace] Neural DSP - Gojira X

Here’s a great template for Neural DSP’s Gojira X!

Inspired by @schamass scripting and designing crafts, this rackspace features:

  • Visually changing amps, cabs and EQ section.
  • Each EQ is directly attached to an amp and settings are persistent.
  • Cabs show a different color when selected.
  • The cab selector dial only shows when the unlink option is selected

I also used the hideandshow function on the WOW pedal to hide the fatso mix knob when it is not in use. I did the same thing on the delay when changing SYNC mode from Free to DAW. Unfortunately Gojira’s Tap Tempo didn’t seem to be automatable, so instead I used Gig Performer’s own tap tempo function, which worked just fine, if not better.

Beyond the native buttons and dials, a volume pedal in front of the plugin (displayed first position on the second rack) and a general output volume control are added.

Pedal input is calibrated to +3.8dB since the author is using a Motu M2 with input gain set to zero.

Download: NDSP - Gojira X.rackspace (2.6 MB)

Credits: @Ipkz

Discussion thread: LINK