Question about problem with Plugin Persist

I struggle every time I use Plugin Persist in larger projects. Problems are that the LED button remains green even if I turn off the switch in normal mode. It does not help if I set the widget value to zero. if I change variation and go back to the one who has problems, then things are the same again. It is very difficult to explain this in an understandable way. I dont think the green LED will cause any problem when the switch is off, but I must have done something wrong. I just can not figure it out. I have followed the description in this link.

I guess my explanation does not make sense at all :slight_smile:


What do you mean by Plugin Persist?

FYI Patch Persist is a rackspace feature and only works when you switch from one rackspace to another. The patch persist for variations mechanism was developed by users/volunteers in our community using GP Script and is not something officially supported by Deskew. Your mileage may vary :slight_smile:

Could you please post your gig file, I will try to have a look to it. Because indeed, your explanation are quite difficult to follow. But, I will do my best to understand once I can have a look at your gig file. :wink:

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I’ve been using the plugin persist for a long time, and I love it! Once in a while after editing my gig file, i have to re-compile the scriptlet, but only sometimes and only after editing and it’s solid after that, so it’s all good.

However, lately one particular plugin scriptlet keeps having to get re-compiled after every gig startup, even after saving the gig file after “fixing” (recompiling) the scriptlet. Any thoughts?

I’ve been gigging every night and have not had the opportunity to sit down with it and perhaps just delete and redo that particular plug-in persist, just thought before tonight’s gig I could try something else that didn’t require that.