Problem with CC126 - set Monophonic mode

I am trying to send a CC to change the Monophonic Mode in the DEXED plugin. My code is not working:

On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from MIDI_4_mono

    newValue == 1.00 Do
        Print("MIDI_4_mono - newValue  " +newValue)
        SendNow(MIDI_4, MakeControlChangeMessageEx (126, 1, 4) )

    newValue == 0.00 Do
        Print("MIDI_4_mono - newValue  " +newValue)
        SendNow(MIDI_4, MakeControlChangeMessageEx (126, 0, 4) )


How do you know it’s not working.
Did you insert a MIDI Monitor after the scriptlet to see what it’s sending out?

It is a Rackspace Script. According to the MIDI Monitor it is not sending.

I tried connect the button widget directly to the Plugin Block, but that didn’t work for me either.


Then the obvious next step is to put a print statement at the beginning of the callback to see if the callback is being triggered

I did, didn’t I? The callback being “On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from MIDI_4_mono”.

No, you put it inside the select statement. If the widget value is neither 1 nor 0 you will not get anything printed.

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I modified my code slightly to include a “true do” inside the Select statement as follows:

MIDI_1 : MidiInBlock
MIDI_1_mono : Widget

On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from MIDI_1_mono

    newValue == 1.00 Do
        Print("MIDI_1_mono - newValue  " +newValue)
        SendNow(MIDI_1, MakeControlChangeMessageEx (126, 1, 1) )

    newValue == 0.00 Do
        Print("MIDI_1_mono - newValue  " +newValue)
        SendNow(MIDI_1, MakeControlChangeMessageEx (126, 0, 1) )
    true do
        Print("This executes if none of the other expressions were true")


Here are the results of clicking on the “MIDI_1_mono widget” over and over:

It appears that sending a value for CC126 does not affect the Dexed plugin. Maybe there is a different way to do this using GPScript?

It seems that the Dexed is not responding to CC126

There are (theoretically) two other ways to set a plugin like Dexed to monophionic

a) map a button widget to the coresponding MIDI In / CC126 which is wired to the plugin

b) Map a widget directly to the exposed parameters - which is unfortunate not available at DeXed

Sorry, it seems that you need to switch monophonic manually and save with your rackspace

You are generating/sending Midi values 0 and 1. Is that what you meant to do, or do you need to send values 0 and 127?

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I tried both ways. Neither works. :cold_face:

Have you tried ths and it works?

I just had a look at Dexed and it seems to me as if the “Monophonic” switch of the plugin is in neither way exposed to the outside, not via host automation parameter nor as CC#
At least i couldn’t find anything like that.
I guess, you’d have to contact the developer of the plugin and ask for an additional feature.

If the MIDI Monitor is showing that the message was sent but it doesn’t work, then the issue is clearly with the plugin.

The plugin doesn’t react on CC#126 wether if it is send from a MIDI-IN block, nor if it comes from a widget directly (selected from the parameters list).
Also there seems to be some kind of general issue regarding host automation - it’s not working bidirectionally, at least the transpose parameter (CC#113) doesn’t work as it should.
It can be learned to a knob widget, but turning the widget won’t move the plugin’s knob, but turning the plugin’s knob does move the widget.
So, in my opinion: If such a basic operation fails, i won’t assume that everything else works as expected.

No, none of the solutions provided here works, as the Dexed plugin is not responding to CC126 - the only way is the Monophonic Switch on the UI

I switched to f’em ages ago for all things FM — not free but really good.

Why did you choose f’em over Arturia’s _DX7-V plugin?

The Arturia is just another plain old DX7 - they’re a dime a dozen. The Tracktion f’em is innovative.

If the Arturia DX7 is MS DOS then Tracktion f’EM is Windows 11

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I was about ready to release my TX816 Rackspace to the group. It is really fantastic as I have developed some incredible and useable soundscapes. It actaully sounds like a TX816 (8 Dexed plauings). Unfortunately, Dexed is not playing nice. I have circumvented the Transpose problem by handling it through GPScript code rather than trying to get Dexed to handle it. The Monophonic issue, unfortunaterly, is a big issue for me as it adds so much to the RackSpace. So, I am looking for another alternative to refactor my Rackspace script: maybe f’em, _DX7-V or the like.

Since, it sounds like you really favor f’em, I am going to look into that: providing it has some host automation facilities.

P.S. I have been trying to contact Digital Suburban directly, but have found no luck.