Tracktion F’em $29

As recommended here:

It’s currently $29 with the Bass Odyssey expansion.


You beat me to it… I’ve just purchased it myself after seeing David’s recommendation!

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Looks interesting! I’ve just read some reviews and it seems to be quite CPU demanding, what is your experience?

Here is another sale offer ($24 - but no additional soundpack):

How do you like it?

I’m still getting my head around the programming, although, it’s a lot less inscrutable than the original DX7 interface! I do like the fact there is a large number of modifiers available, as I do like to be able to introduce nuances in the sound via whichever controller I like. I also like that it is zero latency. DX7 V adds 32 samples of latency… it all adds up once you run through effects as well!

I’m finding I need to reorient my understanding of the operator algorithms as I am so used to the little “maps” that were printed on the top of the original DX7 (and the DX9 I used myself for as while) as opposed to the FM matrix in F’em.

At the moment, I’m trying to work out how I migrate some of my sounds from Arturia DX7 V to F’em, 'cos it will give me a lot more control where I want it and I’d like to be able to still use some of the iconic DX7 sounds if there’s way to get them into F’em.