Problem with all mf Korg hardware

I’m a new GP user–still learning the basics.

I create a gig with Korg Kronos ao MIDI IN and KingKorg Prologue ao MIBI OUT. The outputs are on separate MIDI channels. Everything using USB midi.

If I save the gig, shut down GP and restart it, app the Korgs work if I don’t power off the Korgs.

If I save the gig, shut down GP and turn off the Korgs, then start the Korgs and then start GP, none of the Korgs work, and I have to add them again. GP doesn’t see any midi from the Kronos. When I add the Kronos back, GP sees midi activity, but it doesn’t get to the other Korgs until I delete them and add them back.

This is specific to my Korgs. Yamaha and Novation hardware all work as expected. I make sure not to start GP until all are on and working.

Windows 10 Pro
GP, Korg MIDI USB driver, and Windows are all current.

Any suggestions/advice?

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how looks your midi ports window under the options window when it is working and when it is not working?
You should us in general the Rig Manager
Define Midi Device aliases
Then you can easily learn the physical MIDI device to the MIDI device alias.

I don’t have a solution. However, I also always had problems with USB MIDI connection from Korg (in my case Korg NanoKontrol and NanoPad).

The problem is the Korg USB Midi driver. So the problem is not inside GP. Whenever a Korg USB device is disconnected or somehow loses connection, you have to restart the application (any application using it, so not GP specific). Pianopaul’s solution could work, but you have to ‘relearn’ it every time it loses connection.

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Michael’s response made me remember that I also had a problem with the Korg NanoKontrol2 and as I recall there is a work around. Instead of allowing the driver auto install you need to go to device manager and say update driver and manually install from compatible devices.

This changes the name (even though it is the same driver) of the installed driver and then it works as expected. As I recall the Korg name is part of the driver and it is not with the auto install which somehow confuses Windows.

I don’t know if it would be the same for other Korg devices but it’s worth a shot. I’ll try to find the exact steps but I know it solved the problem for me.

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OK, Korg driver installed


Gig Performer does not see it.


Right click the driver and select update driver…

Select Browse my computer. Then Let me pick from list of available drivers


Instead of the Korg driver choose USB Audio Device


Now the driver does not have the Korg name…and GP sees it every time.


Again, I don’t know if this applies to your problem but it works at least for the nanoKontrol2