Poly Aftertouch, OSC, and Multiple Gig Performer Instances

@pianopaul is in the Backstage episode, so you don’t want to miss it! :slight_smile:


And here the used M4L patch for integration.

Select_Scene.amxd (51.8 KB)

All you need is Ableton Live and M4L.

Details I show you in the session :wink:


Hello Paul ,
I want to configure the start / stop button as you did in the video this morning.
I don’t have the option type unther direct addressable osc.
So I can’t edit the strings Stop Start.
Why is this ?
I have Gigperformer version 4.1.5. Mac mini M1

That is new in 4.5

It is a setting that needs to be activated in the options

Hello, I did enable Direct Addressable OSC in the OSC settings.
When I want to choose type at the configuration of the widget (button) I don’t have that option.
So this is new feature in 4.5 ?


Yes this is new in 4.5

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Here’s the stream


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Thanks for sharing your M4L patch for this. Wonderful stuff!
I saw the video, downloaded the patch and I’m trying to implement it. OSC Communication is all set-up.
I’ve filled in the keyword in the Artist field.
But it seems I have to name the Scenes in Ableton exactly the same as the keywords (not a part of the Scene name). And I have to use double quotes in order to get the scene-select to work… In your video this wasn’t the case. What I’m doing wrong here?

Upper and lowercase is important

@pianopaul - Same behavior here. When I add the double quotes in the Ableton Live scene name, it works. In your video you didn’t use them. How can we fix this?
EDIT: Found it. If there are spaces in the Artist, you must use double quotes in the Scene Name.

Considering adding a (key) to the LIVE Scene Name. Scene name would look like this;
Lead Me To The Cross:LMTTC
The the artist name in GP can simply be LMTTC

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Hello, You can also “camelize” your titles in case there are spaces between words; for example “Let Spend The Night Together” becomes “LetSpendTheNightTogether”, much more explicit than “LSTNT”.

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Yep, that’ll work too. I was considering using them both. Full title, colon, followed by the desired acronym “key”.

Thanks, Nemanja,

In light of the fact the newer laptops are increasing the number of cores exponentially and multiple instances are a way of taking advantage of those additional cores, I wonder if future versions of GP will simplify the process of using multiple instances for us less tech oriented users. I can see a more “integrated” version of using multiple instances as a way to access more power/capability from your computer.

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@pianopaul many thanks , can i use the max 4 live device to select a song in gig performer lauching a scene in ableton because I need to keep my eyes in ableton. Many thanks

As Ableton Live sends back the scene name, you can react on incoming OSC messages and select the desired song.

BUT: this way maybe a OSC loop may occurs with the current M4L device.

For my understanding: You switch a scene in Ableton Live and want Gig Performer select the corresponding Song?

Could you design a max 4 live device to launch a song inside the setlist of gig performer from ableton scene so I can change to next scene and song change in gig performer , based in the same ideas :bulb: of matching song and scenes names