Poly Aftertouch, OSC, and Multiple Gig Performer Instances

Link: Poly Aftertouch, OSC, and Multiple Gig Performer Instances

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And here the used M4L patch for integration.

Select_Scene.amxd (51.8 KB)

All you need is Ableton Live and M4L.

Details I show you in the session :wink:


Hello Paul ,
I want to configure the start / stop button as you did in the video this morning.
I don’t have the option type unther direct addressable osc.
So I can’t edit the strings Stop Start.
Why is this ?
I have Gigperformer version 4.1.5. Mac mini M1

That is new in 4.5

It is a setting that needs to be activated in the options

Hello, I did enable Direct Addressable OSC in the OSC settings.
When I want to choose type at the configuration of the widget (button) I don’t have that option.
So this is new feature in 4.5 ?


Yes this is new in 4.5

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Here’s the stream


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Thanks for sharing your M4L patch for this. Wonderful stuff!
I saw the video, downloaded the patch and I’m trying to implement it. OSC Communication is all set-up.
I’ve filled in the keyword in the Artist field.
But it seems I have to name the Scenes in Ableton exactly the same as the keywords (not a part of the Scene name). And I have to use double quotes in order to get the scene-select to work… In your video this wasn’t the case. What I’m doing wrong here?

Upper and lowercase is important

@pianopaul - Same behavior here. When I add the double quotes in the Ableton Live scene name, it works. In your video you didn’t use them. How can we fix this?
EDIT: Found it. If there are spaces in the Artist, you must use double quotes in the Scene Name.

Considering adding a (key) to the LIVE Scene Name. Scene name would look like this;
Lead Me To The Cross:LMTTC
The the artist name in GP can simply be LMTTC

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