Plugins's preset not saved

Hello GPW,

Newbie here, interested in GP for future live performances, I test GP trial version for several days.

My problem is: some plugins’s presets are not recalled after leaving the gig or restarting GP. Instead, the first/default preset is recalled.
It happens with x86-bridged or x64 plugins.

Widgets and midi controllers are properly recalled (i.e. expression pedal for volume, switch for rotary speed…).

However, all work fine in a daw or in other hosts like VSTHost (Hermann Seib).

I tried several things but without success…

Did someone encountered this problem ?

Hi and welcome,

I don’t know in what way jBridge (I assume you use jBridge?..) impacts saving and recalling VST presets but I only had this issue with OPX Pro II and GP. You say “some plugins”. It would be interesting to know which plugins cause the issues. Which OS do you use?

I use Windows 10 x64.
I have the same problem with x64 plugins, but some x32 jbridged work fine.
Not yet tested all plugins!

Some plugins concerned:
AM Music Technology VL 122 Organ
Rumpelrausch Täips AZR3
Dexed DX7
Crystal GreenOak
Full Bucket FB-3100
Dig Suite Acmebargig

The only cited plugin I have is dexed. Never had a problem with it. The dexed presets are stored and recalled properly.

To make things clear, plugin presets are supposed to be stored at rackspace level and are not supposed to be different in the different variations within the same rackspace. There is nothing special to do: when you store your gigfile, the plugin presets are stored with the rackspaces. Regarding the widget states, they are stored at variations level and can be different for every variations.

Could you please explain exactly the procedure you followed when you lost a plugin preset ?

Thanks to your remark, David-san, I realized my mistake: Dexed recall the choosen preset (wrong copy/paste in the list).

2 other synths concerned with this issue:
aethereal - psychic modulation
anvilia pro - H.G. Fortune

In GP I add a synth or fx, I select preset xx and save the gig. No problem until I leave the gig (opening another gig or restarting GP).
When I load again this gig, preset xx is not selected. 1st preset (default) is selected instead.

I have since found that if I edit the 1st preset (default) and save the gig, changes are saved in this default preset.
It works even with different rackspaces containing different settings of the same plugin.

This is a way to solve this issue, but rather complex if it needs applying manually preset xx parameters to preset 0.

I tried to find in midi in / midi out blocks or others locations a possibility to select the desired preset number by a program change associated with a rackspace, but I did not find.
This would be a nice and easy solution.

I use Midi Guitar 2 (Jam Origin) standalone in live performance and it works great.
Unfortunately, I have the same problem with it, this is why I test now GP, in the hope that it will solve this issue.

The alternative solution would be to use my daw, but it is not an handy way in live performance.

Please review the following blog article

The state of the plugin is still, most likely, properly stored and restored. In other words - it most likely sounds exactly the same, but the plugin itself may not be storing the “name” of the preset that you selected and hence always showing “Default” although it really is the last one you saved your gig with.

You are right : when editing the default preset n° 0 (named “jazz1” in my plugin), it is stored and recalled with changes .
But when editing and saving any other preset (from n°0 to n°127), it is not recalled even in the default preset; the default preset recalls what you have edited in itself, as said above, and nothing else in the other presets remaining unchanged.

Preset handling is something that only the plugin can organize and deal with.

My point was that regardless of what the plugin may be showing as the currently selected preset - the actual values of all parameters should be correct after reloading regardless of the preset selection display.

Isn’t it possible to save a plugin-configuration as “GP-Preset” (gpp.vst) from the windows/context menu?
Would this save and restore all the settings?
If the plugin itself doesn’t do what you want, maybe GP does?

Yes - absolutely - the issue here is completely superficial … the plugin is not displaying WHICH preset was last selected.

All the plugin settings are loaded properly. The “checkmark” displaying the current preset is not set correctly by the preset itself after a reload - that’s all.

Same issue …

I post a small clip showing what happens now when saving and recalling a modified preset:
It seems to be saved but when cliking a key ( i.e. in video) or any other element, it comes back to original preset.

About all these plugins having the same kind of issue, maybe there source codes are not well written or too old, or jbridge complicate it all.

I think the best solution is to replace these plugins with proven ones :slight_smile:

I have 9 days left to evaluate GP, I’ll better stop wasting time on details.

Anyway, Thank you all for the help!

Does someone knows a good Hammond B3 style plugin, free or affordable ? :heart_eyes:

Sure: Blue3. $99

Blue3 is awesome

Thank you, I had noticed this one before: it seems to be a favorite!
Unfortunately (literally), affordable means under 30€ !
I need first to purchase GP :sweat:

As you can see from your own clip - GP correctly stores and restores ALL plugin values.
Why does that particular plugin jump to some values after you press key is beyond our control. Could be jBridge, could be the plugin itself … we have no way of knowing, but this is not a GP issue.

There are quite a few free hammond organ plugins out there - in fact there are hundreds if not thousands of free plugins available for almost anything you need. That’s one of the reasons we don’t include plugins ourselves. Do a search for free hammond organ vst and I’m sure you’ll find something

@Hermon you should have a closer look at DB-33 from Air Music… it is “on sale” most of the time (actually for $14) and it’s definetly not the worst organ plugin to use.
Btw. if you own one plugin from Air you may upgrade then to their complete package for little money which contains many cool instrument and effect VSTs.

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I’ll browse on websites as soon as I finish testing GP (at least main features !).
I want first to make sure that GP is suited for my needs.

Thank you as well, I heared DB-33 in Pro Tools, it is great. I’ll monitor the site for promos (80$ today).