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Have a look at
AFAIK they sell it for $14 actually.

Here you are…

I did not know this site before, it’s amazing!

I think about purchasing DB-33 but it needs a free iLok account & Licence Manager.
I am not familiar with it: does it means that one must be connected to the web in order to play ?

I can’t imagine playing live and being at the mercy of a connection dropped !
Strict rules about playing live: no web connection, no firewall, no antivirus.
I am not a radical, I am just experienced in live crashes .

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As long as i know / remember, your computer has to be online for the license activation and after that you can download the license to your computer, so the activation will last even without internet connection.
I’ve played many times with Air-VSTs while i was without internet, so i didn’t have any issues from this side. There also is the possibility to buy a hardware iLok dongle, but i never had one and all the VSTs worked as expected.

Yep, and no dongles either. This is why we didn’t use more onerous copy protection for GP. I don’t want to be on stage and discover that the dongle got lost the night before or some plugin refuses to work unless it can immediately connect to the internet.
I am very careful about my choice of plugins specifically because of this.

I had an iLok dongle malfunction several years ago. It was very frustrating. However, when Pace introduced the iLok License Manager app, l transferred my licenses to my computers and there have been no problems since. Once the license is registered you don’t need an online connection, at least for any of the plugins I use.

Thank you everybody !
I purchased DB-33 for 15 € and installed it with ilock license manager.
It runs without network connection and it is more than enough for me: I am a guitarist, not a keyboardist :wink:


And now, as an owner of a full licensed AIR-VST, you are also qualified for the upgrade to the AIR-Complete Package which contains many instruments and effects - most of them quite good and useful! (even for a guitarist).

Most of the time you can find this upgrade for about 70€-80€… (as far as i remember, the regular price would be over 400€, which is kind of insane, but the whole bundle for 70€ is quite a fair offer!)

For me this was the ideal VST-beginner package with the best value for the money.

Ok, I keep it by my side; I continue testing GP